Turn off the Worry with Off!

Confession. I am partly to blame these days that the kids are getting too much screen time and not enough playing time outside. You see, I used to be that cool, active mom who rides a penny board (that smaller thinner skateboard) while the kids chase me with their scooters and twist cars. Until I […]

Keep Cool and Fresh this Christmas with Sharp

Christmas is such a festive affair. With it come the reunions, the parties, and of course, the food! We’ve hosted and attended a couple of parties already and the leftover food is truly overwhelming. It’s hard to keep up and there are already some that have spoiled. I know, what a waste, right? Your Christmas Helper I […]

Gifting Experiences with Groupon

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine though. 🙂 It was Report Card Day again, which explains why my Facebook feed was once again filled with photos of various kids posing happily with their awards. These, from their very proud parents, of course. I was too modest to join in the brag-fest however. […]

Candy Buffet – Hottest Party Trend

If you have gone to any celebration recently, you’ve probably experienced a candy buffet.  Candy buffets are the latest and greatest trends for the party circuit, and with good reason. Hosts have turned to the candy buffet to replace traditional pastry tables. The candy buffet allows the hosts to supply a variety of treats at […]