Blogapalooza, Here I Come!

For some time now, Blogapalooza has been the word of the day in the online community that I am a part of. It’s the event for bloggers! Quoting the Blogapalooza website, Blogapalooza is a community. It’s a link between big and small businesses who have something cool to share and the online community of people who […]

His Awesome First Dental Visit

Ever since DA turned one, his pedia had been reminding me to schedule an appointment with the dentist (and the ophthalmologist) just to have everything checked. Bad mommy never got around to do it, until now, almost two years later. Oh my! How time flies! So here we are, at almost 3 years old, on […]

First Haircut at Cuts 4 Tots

We’re past the one year mark already and it’s about time that DS gets his first haircut. Yipeee! For this, we visited Cuts 4 Tots in VMall, Greenhills. The bright colored interiors were so inviting that the kids immediately went in without a moment’s hesitation. Oooh and they get to drive a car while getting their hair cut! What […]

Halloween at The Alexandra

While a lot of people are having their halloween fun this weekend, we had ours a wee bit earlier. Our place didn’t have anything special planned so we joined the Circus Nightmare at The Alexandra in Pasig, thanks to a friend. Registration fee was P375 for each participant, inclusive of a loot bag from Universal […]

Baby on Board

All your luggages have been stowed, you’ve finally settled down on your seat. Flight time is approximately an hour. Ahh, just enough time to catch up on your sleep! The crew announced that they will be dimming the lights for takeoff. Perfect! You lay your head back and close your eyes… Waaaaa! Your eyes flew […]

Ky’s Vocabulary

Just for my personal reference, this is 13-month-old Ky’s spoken vocabulary so far: koo – ku-ku (his uncle) cooh – cold da – daddy tah – light key – keys cah – car ba – banana cah – crackers ka – Ky rawr – lion ju – juice chs – cheese boh – ball bah […]

Megamall Passport Experience

It’s high time that we get Ky a passport – a passport to travel, a passport to Disneyland the world! Going all the way to DFA Aseana however, seemed like a terrible chore so when I heard that there’s already a DFA office in Megamall, I jumped the gun. Setting an Appointment With everything online […]

Ready for Haircut?

Yipeee! Saw this deal on Ensogo today. Just in time for Ky’s first haircut! They offer 3 options: 1 session Kiddie Haircut for P145 (valued at P295) 1 session Kiddie Haircut + 1 First Haircut certificate for P245 (valued at P490) 5 sessions Kiddie Haircut + 1 First Haircut certificate for P750 (valued at P 1670) Vouchers can […]