Savor the Deliciousness of the New Porksavor

Filipinos love food with strong meaty flavors, which is why saucy, soupy or stir-fried dishes would usually be accentuated with pork meat or broth. It is for this reason that Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) came up with a new product called Porksavor™ All-in-One Seasoning.   Porksavor™ is made from natural pork meat extract and bone […]

How to Remove Excess Oil from Soup or Stew

Let’s all admit it, we all really love to eat beef stew, pata tim, bulalo, and adobo. They are just so yummy, especially the taste of the sauce on our rice! Oh heaven! The problem with these dishes though is that they are always so oily. There is always a thick layer of oil floating on top of our savoury sauce. I’ve cooked […]

Yumminess at Magnolia Flavor House

What?! There’s no more Magnolia Ice Cream House?! Nooooooo!!! For those whose fondest memories include the Magnolia Ice Cream House, fret not! There’s still a place to go to get together and bond over yummy ice cream!  It’s the all new Magnolia Flavor House located at Robinson’s Magnolia, right where the ice cream plant used […]

Thanks, Mrs. Fields!

One Saturday morning, we were invited to Mrs. Fields Cafe, Treston International College branch in Taguig to claim our prize. As we entered, this lovely wall collage of Mrs. Fields boxes and tin cans greeted us. I love the idea! Hmmm…maybe I can do the same for my wall next time… On the left were […]

Looking for Christmas Giveaways?

I recently finished designing a label for a pastries shop. They will be launching their product (Food for the Gods) in time for the Christmas Season. I figured I’d share it with you guys in case you’d want to place your orders already and avoid the Christmas rush. It’s 84 days till Christmas, by the way. […]

Mac & Cheese for One, Please!

Say you’re suddenly craving for some mac and cheese (like me!) but you’re the only one who likes it (like me!). Isn’t it such a drag to prepare so much if you just want to eat it solo? Here’s what I do. Gather up these ingredients: Bar of Cheese 4 oz Milk 1 tbps Flour […]