How Weight Affects Your Fertility

Early this month, we visited CRIBS Foundation in Marikina to donate some of our time and a few goods. I’ll talk about our experience there on a separate post. Anyway, while we were there, we met a man who was looking into adopting one of the infants in the foundation. We learned about how he […]

#healthisHappening Challenge Day 21

Day 21: Finish what You’ve Started Lately, DH has been calling my attention to things that I have started but were not able to finish. One such example was when I was sweeping the floor of some paper clutter. I was holding a broom and sweeping when suddenly something caught my attention. I stopped what I […]

#healthisHappening Challenge Day 20

Day 20: Take a Deep Breath The only time that I remember to take deep breaths is when I feel overwhelmed. A couple of days back, I was desperately cramming, trying to meet a deadline in the midst of the pile of things to do. My to-do list was getting longer by the day, I was […]

#healthisHappening Challenge Day 18

Day 18: Minimize Radiation There is so much buzz going on about the ill effects of radiation to our health. While the studies are still in their infancy and are not yet conclusive, it is best to be on the safer side, don’t you think? I always keep my phone at the bedside just so it […]

#healthisHappening Challenge Day 16

Hello Challenge! I’m still here! I haven’t forgotten about you. Promise! Okay, let me tell you about my week just so you’ll know how busy I’ve been. In the morning, I go back to our old house bringing with me a car full of empty luggages and empty boxes. 3 hours of cleaning and packing […]

SansFluo and More

Do you get confused with Serif and Sans Serif? Which one has the extra edges and which one doesn’t? Well, I do and this kiddie toothpaste has helped me figure it out. SansFluo is a fluoride-free toothgel cleanser for children 0-6 years old. With that in mind, I just have to think “No fluoride” or […]

Citrus Zinger

Citrus Zinger, Flavor with a Twist

When SIL learned about us getting in the habit of drinking lemon water (Healthy Habit Challenge Day 2), she mentioned that she has something that will help us keep the habit going. “It’s so easy to use and you can bring it anywhere!”, she had said. Piqued, I couldn’t wait to find out what it was. It finally came […]