Mini Street LEGO

Because Superheroes Need to Eat too

Whenever my youngest plays with our LEGO table, he’d always get a LEGO car and make it go around pretending to drive to school, to the restaurant, to the grocery, to the house. I’ve long wanted to make it more realistic to them and add the actual establishments because the only ones we have are police […]

Easter Egg Decorating

Our Easter Egg Decoration

We were not able to join any mall Easter activities so we decided to just do our own egg decorating at home. After cooling 6 hardboiled eggs, I set out to get the art supplies.  Paint Brushes Tempera Paint / Poster Paint Crayons Coloured Markers Here are some of the photos from our activity: But […]


Have you Tried Criminal Case?

I have been seeing posts of the game Criminal Case on my Facebook feed lately. I finally decided to try it out when DH recommended it, adding that I would greatly enjoy the game. That sure piqued my interest! Since DH was playing it with his mobile phone, I decided to download it in my phone too. […]

The Value of Play

Every night, dear husband would ask DA what he did for the day. DA would happily reply, “I played!” This would always lead to the daddy scratching his head, doubting whether the kids were actually learning anything as the days go by. While play may sound trivial and unimportant, there is more to it than meets the eye. Play Everyone […]