Load Panalo Text

How Globe Stole My Load

Well, not mine actually, DH’s. Last October 4, after loading his prepaid Globe number, DH received a text from Globe’s 2363 informing him about how he has earned a number of spins from loading and that he can join Globe’s Load Panalo to win exciting prizes. While DH is not the type to join contests and promos, […]

Passport? Check!

Look what came for Ky via LBC today! It’s exactly 10 working days since we applied for his passport (Read about it here). Pretty fast huh? I wasn’t expecting it till next week since they said it’s a 15-working-day wait for regular processing. Nope, not complaining. =)  I’m so glad we opted to have it […]

Hello world!

It’s been 3 months since I’ve given birth to baby Ky so I’m a tad late in starting this blog. Oh well, better late than never, right? =) Besides, I haven’t got anything better to do (yet) so might as well share my day to day stories as a new mom. I hope it becomes […]