Holiday Gifts under P300


Lately, the husband has been asking me to look around for budget-friendly holiday gifts that he can use as Christmas giveaways. I remember back when I was still in the corporate world, come Christmas time, each one of us would usually prepare gifts for everyone in the division, plus the friends from other divisions, plus the staffs, plus the security people, plus plus plus. With that many people to give, we’d usually go for small, useful (and cute!) items that won’t break the budget.

I went around the tyangge (flea market) in Greenhills and found these holiday gifts under P300 (around $6). I wonder what the husband will choose… 🙂

1. Starbucks Coaster (P39) 

It’s not the official one, of course but it does look it (no wrong spelling, no extra star LOL!). It comes in a plastic and a card backing. I don’t like the card backing though so I suggested that we do a personalized card printout to replace it. No need for additional tag for the names.


2. Foldable Eco Sack (P39)

With the ban on plastic in some cities, an eco sack like this will come in handy. It’s also small enough to hang in a bag or slip into a keychain.

Holiday Gifts under P300

3. Foldable Eco Sac from Sac People (P125-P200)

A cuter version of the above at a slightly higher price. Aside from the cuteness factor, another nice thing about this is that the pouch is not separate from the sack itself. It also comes in a box so it’s nicer to give.

Holiday Gifts under P300

The monster designs are at P150, the coffee cup designs on the right are at P200. The flower designs at the bottom are at P125.

Holiday Gifts under P300

4. Smartphone Stand (P100)

My phone case is of the same material and cuteness, that’s why I was attracted to these. It’s basically a stand for your phone while it’s charging.

Holiday Gifts under P300

5. Starbucks Bottles (P99-P120)

Tumblers are so old school, I know, but these are everywhere! These are made of glass, not plastic. They do look nice.

Holiday Gifts under P300

6. Cute USB Sticks (P250)

USB sticks come in so much nicer packaging these days. Look at this cute SLR! They also come in so many colorful forms and shapes. P250 for a 4GB stick.

Holiday Gifts under P300

7. Citrus Zinger (P250)

Check my review of this here. I’m still using and loving mine so I added it here. 🙂

Citrus Zinger

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