Confessions of a Contest-a-holic


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about joining contests, how I know about them, how I win, (how I lose haha!). To answer these questions, I’ve granted an interview with a journalist (haha!) and here’s an excerpt.

What jumpstarted your career as a contest-a-holic?

It was when I first won a contest. I realized that I had what it takes to join and win.

What was that first contest you’ve joined and won?

I think it was one of Inquirer’s 2bU! Valentine contests. Entrants had to answer the question ‘Which Boyz II Men or Brian McKnight song best describes your relationship and why?’  The one with the best answer got to watch their concert here in Manila.

How do you know about these contests?

Before the advent of social media, I had only the newspaper as my source.  The Lifestyle section would usually have promos and contests for special occasions like Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. Weeks before that occasion comes, I’d already be scouring the paper watching out for promos and contests to join.

It’s different nowadays, though. Websites that are dedicated to consolidating all the promos and contests in the Philippines are all over the Internet. Facebook and Twitter pages are running contests left and right just to gather more fans. It’s so much easier now to know about ongoing promos and contests.

What websites in particular are the most helpful in knowing about these contests?

I like Boy-Kuripot ( and AllPromos.Ph (

How do you pick which contests to join? Or do you enter them all?

Not all contests are for everyone. I only choose those that interest me, writing or photo contests, or those that I know I can win. Raffle contests for one are not on my list. I don’t seem to have the luck on raffles. I also try to stay away from voting contests because these are more for popularity than for anything.

What does it feel like to win?

Winning puts you on a certain high. You feel happy, you feel relieved, you feel great, you feel like you’re on top of the world. Being chosen among all the other entrants of a contest is a big pat on the back. It’s an undeniable affirmation that you did well, you did great!

Can you describe your most memorable winning moment?

During the newspaper days, I had to buy the newspaper to find out about the winner. On my way to the LRT station, I bought the paper but dared not take a peek. Once safely inside the train, I excitedly tore open the paper and flipped to the correct section. There in the front page was my photo and my entry! I had won! In my excitement, I let out a short scream of delight while inside the train. I suddenly realized where I was when I felt all the passengers looking at me! I had to cover my face with the newspaper to hide my beet red face!

What’s it like waiting for the results to be announced?

In the digital age, waiting for results is such an excruciating ordeal. The contest mechanics would often indicate the date the winners will be announced. I’d always keep this in mind, watching the calendar, waiting for the date to arrive. Once the date finally arrives, it’s another long wait because they don’t announce it the minute the clock strikes 12! They usually do so at the end of the day, if they do at all! I quickly forget about the painful waiting though if I find out that there’s a good news waiting!

What’s the biggest prize you’ve won so far?

I wish I could say it’s 100K but I only made it as a finalist to that. Darn! Haha! Anyway, it’s a toss between the Valentine blowout prizes (tons of restaurant GCs and other goodies) from Inquirer’s 2bU! and the Samsung Galaxy Tab that I won from Mrs. Fields along with the gift packs and GC that came with it.

You’ve mentioned losing, how was it like?

As it is in life, you’re not always up there. There was even a time that in one single week, the winners for three different contests were announced and I wasn’t in any one of them! Ugh! I felt to depressed that time. If winning is a pat on the back, losing is a blow to the heart. It’s a rejection. Simply put, not good enough.

But life goes on. There’s always another contest to win, another chance to do better.

Just to illustrate, that depressing week, I drowned my sadness into a game that wins me raffle entries every time I play. I must have played a lot of times because the very next week, I was announced as one of its weekly winners. Woot! Woot!

Woot Woot?

Woot! Woot! That’s always my reaction when I learn that I’ve won. More woot woots to come! For both you and me!

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