Loom Bands as Party Giveaways


There’s no denying that loom bands are the “in” thing these days. I’ve succumbed to the craze and have bought myself some bands and a loom (3 actually) to work on. Being the only girl in the family though, I am the only one who enjoys my creations. Oh what fun.

So with DS’s birthday coming up, I decided to make loom bracelets as the party giveaways. Yey! What a great way to continue making wonderful creations and have others enjoy them too!

Where to Buy?

To start with this project, I looked for a source for the loom bands. Since I will be giving it to guests, I wanted them to be pretty and of good quality. I’ve tried the cheaper kinds and have found that they easily break. Ugh! I always hate it when a band breaks, especially when you’re so far along your creation! And so I was glad to have found HoneyBee Online Shop, a shop that sources its bands from the same makers of the original Rainbow Loom. That would mean quality almost at par with the original but with a price not as steep. I decided to get the metallic coloured bands since I wanted my bracelets to look special for the guests.


Which Design?

At first, I decided to make the ever so stretchy hexafish (top photo) but eventually decided against it when the metallics lost their colour from too much stretch. In hindsight, I’m glad that I had to choose another style since my hands always end up sore after creating the over stretchy hexafish design. After trying out a couple of other designs, I found the perfect alternative, the criss cross quadfish (bottom photo). It maintains the same roundness but is far easier for my hands and it really lets the metallic colours shine.

loom bracelets


Of course I cannot just give out the bracelets like that, they have to be in some sort of packaging. I decided to make thank you cards to go along with them.

Thank you card

I tied the bracelets with ribbons (pink for girly colours and red for darker boyish colours and orange, not in pic, for kids sizes) onto the card.


Voila! This is how it looks. The roundness of the criss cross quadfish makes it a perfect choice for the packaging. It looks like a nice wreath.

Thank You Card

Since each gift was indeed handmade with love, I decided to add a stamp on the card that indicates it. To those who’ve gotten theirs, hope you all like it! 😉

Handmade with Love


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