Ever since DA got a LEGO set (a Sluban set actually) for his birthday, I’ve been having trouble finding some space. The set was placed on a plastic foldable table, which we also use for writing. Since the set occupied half of the table already, there was not much space for anything else, much less writing. I realized then that I needed some sort of a tray for the LEGO set so that I can transfer it elsewhere when it’s writing time. 

Here’s how I did it.

Materials Used

  • 2 LEGO Base Plates (Available in major toy stores. I got a similar one from Regina’s in Shoppesville, Greenhills)
  • Foam/Sintra Board, size should not be smaller than your base plates put together. (Available in bookstores. I got mine from Office Warehouse)
  • Double Sided Tape/Glue
  • Cutter
  • Paint
  • Bricks

I went scouting for LEGO base plates and I found the cheaper version at P499 each. Incidentally, these plates were also Sluban and they measure around 15.5 inches x 15.5 inches. (Update: Toy Kingdom now has the Sluban base plate also and it’s only P399!)


This is the cover for the base plate. Apparently, it’s a Chinese brand. We initially thought it was a Russian brand because the Police Set that DA got had Russian characters all over the box.


Place the plates side by side to make a horizontal rectangle and fasten together with bricks. You can use more plates if you have the space. 


Cut the foam board based on the fastened base plates.


Starting with one plate, place the necessary adhesive at the back of the plate. Carefully adhere it to the foam board. Do the same for the second plate. Be careful to align them and follow the original placement (use the fastener bricks as guide).


This is how it looked like with the foam board attached. I would have loved to make a wooden border around it to make it look Pinterest worthy but I am not into woodwork. 😛


As a final touch, I painted the foam board blue. 


Here, I was able to transfer the police station into the new tray. I started adding bricks around the edges of the tray also to make up for the missing wooden border. We only have a few though so I was not able to get far.


Here’s another look at the tray and of course, our small collection of superheroes!


Fast forward to a couple of weeks and our tray now looks like this! Whooppee!

No, I certainly don’t have the moolah to amass that many sets in a couple of days!

How on earth…?

Curious to find out how and see the collection? You can read about it here:  Why LEGO Toys are a Worthy Investment.

LEGO Collection

15 thoughts on “DIY LEGO Tray

  1. Wow! This is great! I remember playing LEGO as a kid and it was so cool to have great sets. Too bad Baby Charley is still too young to enjoy LEGO without eating them. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    1. Hi Kat, got the plates from Regina’s in Shoppesville Greenhills. I think toy stores like Toy Kingdom carry original LEGO plates also but of course at a higher price.

  2. I would definitely try doing this if we can add another base plate to our collection. We bought ours for only 350, but they always run out of stocks.

  3. It’s a very practical idea, actually. I just showed my husband this because I want for my kids to at least be able to take them anywhere in the house. They’ve actually just set up their base plates in the playroom but they don’t stay there much, so they end up not playing with them.

    Anyway, may I know where you bought this brand? Do they fit into lego pieces correctly? Some of the stuff that were given to us na iba brand kasi don’t seem to match Lego so I want to make sure we buy one that fits well. Thank you.

    1. Hi May, I bought the plates from Regina’s in Shoppesville, Greenhills. Yes, they are compatible with the original LEGO bricks. If you want the original LEGO plates, I saw them yesterday at Toy Kingdom at p799 for a size smaller than what I got.

  4. Niiice! Little one is very much into Mega Bloks and I’ve been planning to make something like this. Glad to see an affordable alternative to the Lego plates.

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