DIY Teachers’ Day Gift Card

DIY Greeting Card

It’s that time of year again where we show our teachers, well, in our case, our child’s teachers, how much we appreciate their work. 

While searching the net for Teachers’ Day gift ideas, I came across some sites/blogs where teachers actually spoke up about which gifts they truly loved from all that they’ve received through the years. Wouldn’t it be nice to give something that truly mattered to them? Well, the top answer turned out to be a simple heartfelt letter from their students. Awww… ๐Ÿ™‚

Armed with this idea, I decided to make just that, a simple handmade heartfelt greeting card for DA’s teachers.

This is how it looked like when I was done. I wish I had a better photo of it though.

DIY Greeting Card


  1. Colored Cardstock
  2. Photo (I don’t have extra printout of the one I used)
  3. Scrapbook Paper
  4. White Letter sized cardstock, folded in half
  5. Embellishments
  6. Circle Tag
  7. Colored Pens
  8. Tools like scissors, cutter, glue

DIY Greeting Card

For the scrapbook paper (item number 3), I found this Wrapping Paper Book from Regina’s in Shoppesville, Greenhills and it’s so nice and pretty.

DIY Greeting Card

The pages inside were folded sheets of patterned paper, perfect for scrapbooking, or in our case, greeting card making!

DIY Greeting Card


I don’t have photos of the step by step as I was in a hurry to finish it. Hehe.

  1. Fold letter sized white cardstock in half horizontally. 
  2. Cut the scrapbook paper into the same size of the half flap.
  3. Stick the sized scrapbook paper onto the front flap of the card. I used double sided tape for it but you can use glue also.
  4. Grab a photo of your teacher. Size it so that it does not occupy the whole card so you can embellishthe card more.
  5. Cut a colored cardstock slightly bigger than your photo so that it looks like a border.
  6. Stick the photo onto the colored border and that onto the card.
  7. Print or write the teacher’s name on the circular tag and stick it onto the card.
  8. Embellish away! Try to do a mock-up first before gluing them permanently. I used buttons and a flower brooch (I just removed the pin at the back). The scrapbook paper was pretty enough so I didn’t add so many embellishments.
  9. For the inside, I did a hand lettering of the Happy Teachers’ Day greeting and wrote a short message for the teacher. As you can see, it’s a series of Thank You’s.
  10. Finally, I asked DA to “sign” the card. He can’t actually write yet so I put dotted lines for him to trace. 
DIY Greeting Card
Cover Design
DIY Greeting Card

I did prepare a little something else to go along with this card. I didn’t think much of the gift anymore though because I knew that the card alone was gift enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

How about you, what do you plan to give your child’s teachers?

12 thoughts on “DIY Teachers’ Day Gift Card

  1. For me handmade card also is nice for teacher’s day. Because until now yung mga binigay din ng mga students ko noon na mga cards, Teacher’s day cards, Valentines, Christmas, etc. nakatago pa. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Very creative pa.

  2. You are so creative! I remember receiving love letters from my students a long time ago. I still have those cards and notes with me. Personalized gifts are worth sharing and keeping. โ˜บ

  3. In this age of modern technology, I still find letters and personally made greeting cards more special than any other gift that money can buy. It’s more heart warming to receive something that was made by someone because you know, that person invested time and effort to produce such thing. And that I believe is just priceless! I’m sure the teacher who received this card really felt how much you appreciate her. Good job mommy!

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