How to be a Kiddie Magician

How to Be a Kiddie Magician

Since late last December, my mind has been all about Houdini, Blaine, and Copperfield.

You see, come January, my son is to perform on a talent show for his class and he has chosen to be a…. (drumroll please…) MAGICIAN!

Since he chose it already, I can only support it, right?

Oh, how does one become a magician??


This was actually the easy part. I just had him don a formal attire, something he used in a previous wedding, and a black hat. I bought the black hat ages ago from Greenhills and it’s a good thing that it still fits.

How to Be a Magician

Magician’s Kit

Since I had no idea where to start, I bought a kiddie magician’s kit from the House of Magic (Shoppesville, Greenhills). The price was actually steep but I gave in, thinking I needed to start somewhere. It came with a black bag, a magic wand, and 4 magic tricks. After carefully studying the tricks, the husband and I eventually decided that they were too small for a big audience. They had to be performed in close range (e.g. card trick) so that the audience can better appreciate them.

Back to square one. At least I already have a bag!

For the bag, I just stuck a small piece of chalkboard sticker (from NotedPH) and had him write the lettering with chalkies. Nice, huh?

How to Be a Magician

Magic Tricks

With the confidence of a bag and a wand, I scoured the net for resources on magic tricks. I found out that there are some easy things for kids to do. I proceeded to DIY the props so that we could practice the tricks already. Christmas break was almost over, waaa!

The performance is supposed to be about 3-5 minutes long. I initially had so many tricks listed down but later on had to cut the list because of time constraint.

We’ve trimmed it down to just these 4.

1. The Growing Wand.

The wand starts out very small and grows into full size when pulled out of the bag.

How to Be a Magician

2. The Flower Trick

The House of Magic actually sells this trick for around P695. I just DIY’ed this though. This one is all about letting a plant grow out of the pot using the magic wand.

How to Be a Magician

3. The Disappearing Crayons

The magic is all about making the crayons inside the box disappear. This, I realized post-event, must be done up close as the audience couldn’t see from afar that the crayons inside have disappeared. Oh well.. It’s a nice trick, nonetheless.

How to Be a Magician

4. The Magic Printer

Lastly, it’s the magic printer, where you insert a blank piece of paper and it comes out as real money. This would have been better also if the audience were in close range.

Now if only I have a real printer like this… 🙂

How to Be a Magician

How Did it Go?

It was our talent show yesterday and I’m so glad that it went well. While most of the kids chose singing or dancing as their talent, this came out so refreshing and new. Plus, magic and kids are a great combination. They were amazed (mostly), they clapped, and they cheered! Yey! Success!

Let them Choose

While I’ve painted a rose colored picture of this, don’t force it on your child though. It’s still best to let him choose what he wants to do. That way, he’ll own it and be it. 🙂

Has your child performed in a talent show too? What did he/she do?

34 thoughts on “How to be a Kiddie Magician

  1. Alakazam! It’s fun to let the kids explore the world of magic since they are an attentive audience in kiddie parties where there is the usual magic show. Our little boy also enjoys watching magic tricks but not sure if he is into performing it- well let me ask him this summer.

  2. Well, my kids do not have any talent show yet in their school. My eldest was chosen to perform in front of the entire school for their English week, though. I don’t know if that counts.

  3. Kudos to you and your little man!! Galing!:) I love how you DIY’ed everything. I’m intrigued on how he was able to perform it though hehe! If ever I’m in the audience I’d be glued to his performance as well. So cuuute!! Btw, I love that magic printer, too!

  4. My kids haven’t had any talent shows at school, but they’ve had animal parades. One chose to be a duck, the other a lion. Na-challenge kami because we weren’t supposed to buy the costumes so we had to make them out of materials we have at home. Enjoy!

  5. Talent shows are such a challenge every year! It’s the perfect opportunity to strut our kid’s stuff in front of all his friends and teachers. However, it can be difficult to come up with just the right act. Thanks for this idea, Mommy Cheryl!

  6. Oh do cute – neat tricks@

    I am working on a career day job for my 8 year old and he said he wants to be a DJ.
    They were asked to make pretend and come dressed in their choosen jobs. Now no tricks here. I hope it goes well 😀

    1. Next year career day also for us. He wants to be a soldier daw. Oh well, baka magbago pa isip next year hehe. Good luck on your career day! 🙂

  7. Wow kudos to your son sis and congrats, such a great job and good bonding for mother & son, the printer tricks is cute, nakakatuwa and ang cute ng son mo, for sure nag eenjoy kayo specially your kid for this kind of activity.

  8. For sure your little one looks great :)) These are all good tricks, which kids will love. Nakakatuwa siguro siya panoorin while performing 🙂

  9. OMG, this post is heaven-sent! I promised my 7-year old that I would find him magic stuff but I failed him last Christmas. I didn’t know where to go to buy them. Are all the stuff in House of Magic pricey? haha! 695 for a magic wand is pretty steep. But I don’t think I can do a DIY, so off to House of Magic I go soon. Thank you!

  10. Being able to instill this kind of imaginative play with children is really a must for them to enjoy their childhood 🙂 I guess that the best thing about this is your kid enjoyed!!! That’s what matters naman!

  11. I really love the smile and energy of your little boy. I would love my boys to do some magic for us as well but they would often tell me they are grown ups and they do grown up things. I hope your kid would try other magic stuff and I will always be ready to watch him online.

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