My Photobook =)


When Groupon came out with the deal on Photobook last August 2011, I was among the first of the many hundreds who purchased it. It was too good to pass up, P1000 for P4000 or P1400 for P6000. I got the latter of course! I was still pregnant with DS that time and since the coupon was valid for 6 months, I thought it’d be just perfect!

Sure enough, a little after DS’s 5th month, I finally finished layouting my book. Though Photobook provides a downloadable software where you can layout your images via drag-and-drop, I chose to use a different software since I’m already used to my old one. I just used theirs for arranging the pages and for ordering the album. And so one Wednesday morning, I excitedly hit the Order button. Yey!

It took me a lot of tries to get my files to upload though. After a whole day of trying, I eventually gave up and asked Photobook for help. The very next day, I got a reply from their support team giving me an alternative way of uploading my files. That went by without a hitch. Now for the waiting part…

I was thinking that a long queue of printing jobs and the fact that it would be shipped from their production office in Malaysia would cost me a 2-3 weeklong agony of waiting. Imagine my big surprise then when, after just 2 short days, I got an email saying that my book has already been shipped! Yipeee! Yipee!

With the tracking number they gave me, I was checking DHL’s website every chance I got. Talk about excitement! This morning, the status said that it was already here in Manila. After lunch, I already had the book in my hands!

Come on, let’s take a peek! =)

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