Bargains from the National Bookstore Warehouse Sale

NBS Warehouse Sale 2015

I was finally able to go to the National Bookstore Warehouse Sale on its second to the last day. I got there a little after 9AM and the crowd was still sparse. Just like the crowd however, it was noticeable that the books and items were not as many anymore. Some of the shelves were empty and after one round, I came out empty-handed. 

I guess it does pay to be early. I was really pining for some of the Dr. Seuss Floor Puzzles but I didn’t find any left. I was also hoping to find some drawing or crafts books but wasn’t able to see any. Huhuhu! There were a lot of textbooks and novels in the shelves though so if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in luck!

Anyhow, I did not want my trip to go to waste so I made a few more rounds, rummaging through boxes, getting my hands all dirty and dusty. 

NBS Warehouse Sale 2015

And I did find some good stuffs, real steals actually. Here they are:

Footsteps in Reading: From P200 down to P50. Doraemon English Workbook: From P59 to P20

NBS Warehouse Sale 2015

Learning to Button: From P125 to P20. Who’s Like Me? Flap Book: From P225 to P30. Diego Saves the Sloth: From P139 to P30

NBS Warehouse Sale 2015

Puzzle Boards: From P119.75 to P50. I almost had the last 4 but I was too busy choosing that someone else got the other 2. Ayyy!

NBS Warehouse Sale 2015

Scotch Reusable Sheet: From P116 to P30. I wish I had gotten more of this!


Reusable Bags with Ball Cover: From P85 to P20. Cutie and so useful!

NBS Warehouse Sale 2015

And finally, these air sticks! From P25 to P5. Why did I get these? I don’t know. Maybe because they’re just 5 bucks! 

NBS Warehouse Sale 2015

Here are a few tips if you plan to go:

  • Go early. The crowd usually balloons after a few hours from opening. 
  • Grab, grab, grab! I saw a woman who just grabbed things without so much as a second look and placed them in her overflowing cart. I later learned that her strategy was a good one because if you pause to check and look at an item, deciding which one to get, someone might get it from the pile. It’s better to just grab and sort out later.
  • Bring you own Bag. They do provide baskets though but you can bring your own bag to place your choices should the baskets run out.
  • Check the Boxes. From time to time, NBS staff would come and leave new boxes on the floor beside the bookcases. Although it certainly is more difficult to sift through stuffs in the boxes, sometimes a great find turns up.
  • Be prepared to get dirty. Just bring wipes to clean up your hands afterwards. 
  • Check the Novelty Items First. I made the mistake of going around looking for books first until I saw the wooden puzzles in someone’s cart. When I went to that area (the one near the Christmas ornaments), only a few pieces were left. I was so envious of the others who loaded trays and trays of them in their carts. Among the nice items in this area are the wooden puzzles, board games, loom kits, children’s toys. 

Tomorrow (August 18, 2015) is the last day of their warehouse sale! They’d probably bring out all that they can offer so there may be new and wonderful bargains again. 🙂 Yey! Happy shopping! 

UPDATE: Sale is EXTENDED till August 23, 2015!!!


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