Boom Boom Pow that Bad Odor with the Best Ever Downy

DownyBoomBoomPow Products

It seems that my husband’s sense of smell has gone awry. It’s impartial only to the “kulob” smell. He does not complain of any other scent/odor, except for the amoy kulob (the smell of clothing when it’s not thoroughly dried but folded already). And his radar picks up even the slightest trace of it. Ugh! The newly washed towel thus goes back to the laundry for a rewash. What a waste of water and detergent, right?

Plus, the weather’s so unpredictable these days that leaving it out to dry does not guarantee a fresh smelling linen. Oh, what to do?

I was glad to have attended an event by Downy last month that addressed my exact problem, among others. Dubbed #DownyBoomBoomPow, the campaign invited us to identify the tough everyday malodors and prove that the newest Downy innovation is the solution to these dilemmas.

DownyBoomBoomPow Event at the Cookery

Before the event started, we were each given an apron, a pink or a blue one to wear (notice Camille and Patty’s blue apron and Pia and Kelly’s pink ones) during the cooking demonstration. Chef JP, with the help of his lovely angels, celebrity moms Camille Prats, Pia Guanio, Patty Laurel, and Kelly Misa, then started preparing dishes in front of us. The lovely Bianca Gonzalez was the event host.

Chef JP with the lovely celebrity moms

The dishes emitted strong odors; there was a lot of grilling and sizzling, a lot of smoke, a lot of spice. I’ve worked at a catering business previously and there was no way that we would come out smelling good after all that!

Celebrity moms helping Chef JP prepare the dishes

We were all in for a surprise when after being exposed to the worst of the smells, we were asked to smell the aprons we’ve put on previously. Actually, I got the pink one, the one that wasn’t washed with Downy and it really smelled awful. Boohoo! The lucky ones who got the blue ones however, still had their aprons smelling good and fresh! I didn’t bother bringing my pink apron after.

Celebrity Moms Camille Prats, Pia Guanio, Kelly Misa and Patty Laurel being interviewd by Bianca Gonzalez

To further bring home the point, staff from Downy came out bringing canisters of malodors. Each canister was filled with something strong-smelling: bagoong (shrimp paste), vinegar, dried squid, and coffee.

Some examples of malodors

She then got a piece of cloth and demonstrated how the one washed with other fabric perfumes were not successful in removing the malodor that got stuck to the fabric. When she got the fabric washed with Downy and rubbed it inside all the canisters however, just a simple squishing of the fabric made all the malodors go away. It still smelled like perfume!

No joke. I tried it myself.

Downy Staff Holding Canisters of Malodors

The Downy Magic

So what kind of magic does the new Downy have?

After over 10 years of development, over 2000 people interviewed and over 500 smell tests conducted, Downy Philippines is proud to present its breakthrough Malodor Neutralization Technology, the first Downy fabric softener with Genuine Malodor Removal that does not just “mask” malodor with aromatic ingredients, but removes unpleasant odors completely through chemical reaction– preventing the odor causing material from being released again.

The technology works as such: the Perfume Micro Capsules embedded on the fabric while washing with Downy contain an odorless component that recognizes malodor. This then captures the odor causing particle as if it were ‘eating’ it and alters its chemical structure to neutralize the malodor. Amazing!

Downy Variants

All-new Downy comes in these new packaging designed to be more modern and colorful.

DownyBoomBoomPow Products

DownyBoomBoomPow Products

How to Use

Just in case you (like me!) need help in using Downy fabric conditioner, here are some instructions:

  • Bottles: Apply only ½ cap of the fabric softener and even a big pile of cloths can stay scented for a long time. Apply 1/2 lid for about 15-20 pieces of clothing.
  • Sachets: Apply one 27/28mL sachet to a solution of water and soak about 15-20 pieces of clothing for 3-5 minutes. Do not apply Downy directly onto your clothing. Avoid contact with eyes; in case of contact, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Store products in a cool place, and keep away from direct sunlight.


Here are the prices of the Downy variants, from bottle to refill to sachets. 🙂

Downy Products Price List

How about you? What malodor do you hate the most? Are you as excited as I am to try the best ever Downy to see its magic?



9 thoughts on “Boom Boom Pow that Bad Odor with the Best Ever Downy

  1. Unfortunately I live alone so I do not use a laundry machine nowadays. I used to but not anymore. For sure I would try this new products from Downy if I were. Somehow being alone it is easier to drop clothes at the different laundry shops scatters in and around the condo.

    1. I agree with you there. When there were no kids yet, we also just brought out clothes to the laundry shop nearby. It’s so much more convenient that way. Hehe

  2. Downy is one of the powerhouse when it comes to fabric conditioners! It’s been in the business since I was young. And still keeps on innovating to satisfy their customers. We’re downy users, although sometimes we use another brands too, I’m not brand specific, but when it comes to fabcons, Downy always comes to mind first.

  3. That was a real demo. I mean, the models themselves as mommies, are surely facing different kinds of smell suff at home. Using this new product of downy can give them a new helping hand to maintain the fragrance all over the family. My clothes are definitely with the touch of downy since I was a child. hah

  4. Downy.. I can no longer remember when I started hearing that from my mom, ever since the world begun maybe? hehe My mom have already tried almost all variants I guess, and we love each so much. Aside from the smell, I love how it makes the fabric really soft which makes ironing our clothes easier (ako ang namamalantsa, so yah!). The downside for me I guess is when my mom splurge on pouring downy to the batya and leave our laundry there for some minutes making the smell absorbed generously by the fabric. Yes, it’s mabango but sometimes it overpowers my perfume! Maarte lang ako talaga. hehe But diba, sometimes you want to have that certain smell. So wag lang siguro masyadong madami ang ilalagay. And I’m sure my mom will try this new variant out so let’s see how it goes. 🙂

  5. I do the laundry at home every weekend and Downy has always been my partner for years now.. Like eversince i started having my family, downy is always on the grocery list. I still prefer the original downy scent the sunrise fresh, though sometimes i also use downy anti-bac on bed linens especially the kods bedsheet. Ive tried several new scents but i still love the original specially on rainy days..

  6. OMG! Haha. I don’t watch TV anymore and I seldom like commercial jingles. I have to say this “Boom Boom Pow” thing really caught my attention. Especially because of that cute little boy in the ad! I have yet to ask my mom if she wants to try it out because it seems so promising.

  7. Too bad I don’t live in the Philippines so I cannot get my hands on Downy 🙂
    They seem like quite a useful product. If your reviews are to go by they are going to get quite popular. Afterall, every one of us love fresh smelling clothes

  8. Well, my mom has been using downy ever since but what I really enjoy the most here is that “Boom Boom Pow” commercial featuring that cute little chubby Pao pao who was recently featured in KMJS… the commercial much like the “Finally Ariel happened to me” is really catchy

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