Clean Your Nose and Breathe Easier with Humer

Clean Your Nose and Breathe Easier with Humer

True Story.

MIL landed in the hospital after our winter trip in Korea because of nose bleeding. The ENT doctor (Senator Grace Poe’s FIL, by the way) said that her blood vessels in the nose ruptured because of the very dry weather. He further stressed the need to keep our noses moist, especially when we’re always in airconditioned rooms or when traveling to cold places.

True Story.

My youngest son always sneezes in the morning even when he doesn’t have colds. He constantly scratches his nose and his eyes. There always seems to be booger in his nose also even if he doesn’t have colds. These, as it turns out, are symptoms of allergic rhinitis. I haven’t actually done anything about it, figuring it’ll just go away on its own.

Lately, I was told that these Humer Nasal Seawater Sprays are the answer to both situations above by easing the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

Clean Your Nose and Breathe Easier with Humer

So I joined other moms in a Humerific Day to learn about these potent nasal seawater sprays.

Clean Your Nose and Breathe Easier with Humer

Dave Perianes, Humer’s Country Brand Manager introduced the product to us while a guest pediatrician emphasized the importance of nasal care for better breathing experience.

Clean Your Nose and Breathe Easier with Humer

About Humer

Humer (Hyoo-mer), as I would learn, is a health brand manufactured by Laboratories Urgo, consisting of products that clean and treat the nose from nasal discomforts. 

Natural Seawater

Humer Seawater Nasal Spray consists of natural seawater that gently clean the nose by humidifying dry mucosities and fluidifying nasal secretions, making blowing easier for nasal decongestion. These sprays have gentle micro diffusion that helps moisturize the dry mucosa to make breathing a lot easier. These are also non-diluted so they retain the seawater’s marine elements and mineral salts.

Humer’s seawater comes from Saint Malo Bay in Brittany, France, well-known for the quality of its water. Humer can be used for both infants/children and adults including pregnant women. 

Why Seawater?

I’ve always thought that any saline solution (table salt + water) works fine but as it turns out, seawater is so much better.

  • It removes particles that weaken our nasal mucosa: dust, pollution, tobacco smoke, allergens, etc.
  • It is naturally rich in trace elements: 
    • Copper: helps in the protection of the nasal mucosa against infectious agents (bacteria, viruses)
    • Manganese: helps in the strengthening of the nasal mucosa against allergens
    • Sulfur: helps in the regeneration of the nasal mucosa weakened by repeated infection

Terrarium Making

With all that talk on nature and the sea, we were itching to get our hands on some of the soil in front of us. We were then treated to an afternoon of Terrarium making facilitated by Jamie Arcega of Smarty Plants PH.

Clean Your Nose and Breathe Easier with Humer

Humer Variants

Humer nasal sprays come in these 2 variants, the Nose Hygiene (bigger bottle) and the Blocked Nose (smaller bottle). The latter is a hypertonic solution or a high salt concentration that’s intended to help decongest a blocked nose. The Nose Hygiene on the other hand, is more of an everyday cleaner and nose moistener to help block allergens which cause nasal problems.

Clean Your Nose and Breathe Easier with Humer

The pink one, by the way, is the one for kids.

The difference? The kids’ variant has a stopper on the nozzle so it does not go too far inside the child’s nose. Good safety feature!

Why Humer?

  • Natural Seawater. It’s helpful even for infants and even safe for pregnant women.
  • Kids’ Variant. I like that they have a kids’ variant with the safety nozzle. 
  • Anti-Return Valve. The bottles were designed with anti-return valve to prevent contamination caused by reflux of mucus. Eww!
  • Any position Spraying. You get continuous sprays even when the bottle is not upright, unlike traditional spray bottles. Lifesaver! 

Humerific Mom

I’m so happy with this discovery. Who knew that we had to clean our noses too? Maybe my youngest can finally breathe easy sans mucus in his nose every darn morning. Plus, the rainy days (a.k.a. colds season) are coming and I’m so glad to have this weapon by my side to combat nasal decongestion. Hey colds, bring it on! If you must know, this momma is a 100% humerific mom!

Clean Your Nose and Breathe Easier with Humer

Start practicing nasal hygiene with your children and families too! It the mouth needs a toothbrush, then the nose definitely needs something to clean it too! 

Where to Buy?

Humer is available in Mercury Drug and MedExpress outlets in Metro Manila. Visit Humer at and Like Humer PH on Facebook or search for #HumerificMoms, #HumerPH for more details. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

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35 thoughts on “Clean Your Nose and Breathe Easier with Humer

  1. I had a similar product when I suffered hard breathing due to my work in the field. I did help to improve my air flow. Never heard this product before. I will check it when I pass by Mercury. πŸ™‚

  2. Nice! This post is good timing… I think I’ve acquired my mom’s allergic rhinitis already. Just yesterday I’ve been sneezing for like a hundredth time.. Gah, it’s so crazy. Humer might be a quick fix to it. Do you know where this is available, so I could get one? … Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have a cold quite often! And I’m always looking for ways to make it easier. It’s so annoying. It’s interesting that they use natural seawater! I’ll be sure to keep this in mind for my next cold!

  4. Doon sa US, meron kaming napabili noon na big spray bottles na super cheap din. Effective din naman iyan. Ang mga anak ko meron din allery rhinitis, tapos naging mas immune sila since they started using … am I allowed to even mention here? PM me na lang.

  5. I have tried a similar product before though it’s a different brand, i think it’s a generic brand and it grossed me out when the solution would go down my throat. I must admit though that the solution works well, maybe I would give Humer a try next time! πŸ™‚

  6. I haven’t used any similar product but this is really interesting. I am not sure if my son has it but my friend’s child has. What she just told me is that she just let her son do the traditional pakulo ng init tubig with salt. I will share this to her so that she may give this a try for her son.

  7. Interesting. For our 1 yr old, we were buying salinaise. I’m guessing this is just another brand of that one. My daughter was having a hard time breathing through her nose because of her colds so once in a while, that helps.

    And yeah, we do really have to clean our noses. LOL.

  8. I’ve been buying a different brand but to be honest, I’m not really comfortable in using it, parang ang weird lang ng feeling. But it helps naman. πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Cheryl! Sorry I wasn’t able to come last Sat at the open house πŸ™ My husband has to render OT at the office. My little girl and I were ready na, tapos hindi natuloy.
    Anyway, with your post, this is what my FIL uses whenever his allergic rhinitis attacks hehe! And also my nephew who often have colds! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  10. I highly recommend using a seawater nasal spray! I’ve been using it on my babies lalo na pag dry yung nose or before I want to suck it with a sipon-sucker thing (can’t remember at the moment). I highly recommend it, usually talaga winter countries meron but I’m glad to see sa Pinas din meron na! πŸ™‚

  11. Is this safe for pregnant mom to use? I am currently preggo and I have colds for a few days now. I am very uncomfortable with my situation . Despite drinking lots of fluid, it doesn’t go away.. I need hel right now!

  12. I think we need this. I suffer from allergic rhinitis and my son always gets nosebleeds because of the A/C (but it’s too hot if we don’t turn it on #firstworldproblems. I’ll check this out!

  13. Perfect for the season. Must-have talaga. I’ve never tried one pero when my son caught colds when the rainy days came in, medyo nakakaparanoid. We’re always on salinase drops when it happens. We’ll try this one if it suits him.

  14. I was using a nasal spray before because I had a bad case of allergic rhinitis. And now that it’s cold season na naman, I think I really need to get this! For me and for my family. Thanks for the feature! πŸ™‚

  15. This is good news as my eldest has allergic rhinitis and I treat him with Montelukast. We’ve consumed boxes and still he sneezes in the morning. Will try this and I hope this would give
    Some comfort to him. Thanks.

  16. OMG! I want to try this too! I feel your son with the sneezing thing. I never woke up without sneezing. It’s annoying and gives me sleepless nights at times. I was given a nasal spray that I forgot the name. Lol. But, it makes me sneeze more. How I wish I was invited to this event, too.

    1. Hello! Prices are as follows
      For kids: Humer Nose hygiene is 690php (150mL) while Humer Blocked Nose is 627php (50mL)
      For adults: Humer Nose hygiene is 695php (150mL) while Humer Blocked Nose is 638php (50mL)
      You may find us in Mercury Drug stores and MedExpress branches around Metro Manila. Follow us in FB to know more about us!

  17. I will definitely recommend this to my sister-in-law since her children sneeze every morning due to their allergy. Will buy one for ourselves as well just incase we need it. Thanks for sharing!

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