Engineering for Kids Day 2


We got some good news the other day, the Engineering for Kids trial at Cambridge Centre for Child Development Greenhills was going to be a 2-day event! (Read about Day 1 here.) Yipeee! More Science coolness coming our way!

As a continuation of the previous day’s activity, they’re going to build a stomp rocket. Sounds awesome, right?

I was a bit late in going to the venue because of this…Hihihihihi!


When I got there, the teacher was doing a review (and an orientation for the new students) of the rocket concept from day 1. It was nice to see a drawing of a rocket up on the board to give the kids a more concrete visualization. They reviewed the parts of the rocket and this time, the kids were able to remember because the teachers used visual cues, like holding the nose to mean the nose of the rocket.

Engineering for Kids 2

As before, after the introduction, the kids went to work on their own rockets.

Engineering for Kids 2

When his rocket was finished, this boy happily made it “fly”. Boys really love this stuff!

Engineering for Kids 2

When everyone was finished with their work, they all trooped out to try it out! Coolness! The launcher was a T-shaped PVC pipe contraption with a plastic bottle to stomp on.

Engineering for Kids 2

3-2-1, liftoff!

Engineering for Kids 2

This adorable little girl was a little hesitant to try it out at first but eventually warmed up to it and kept going back to try it.

Engineering for Kids 2

Loads of fun! 🙂 Not to mention, educational!

Interested? Please refer to my previous post for more information and how to enroll your kids in this cool after-school program. 🙂


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