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“Manila Zoo?? Buhay pa ba yun? (Is that still open?)” That’s the resounding question I got when I told people that I had gone to visit the old zoo. “Why not so and so zoo?” “It’s so much nicer at the other zoos.” “Yes, a lot of nicer animals at so and so.” “There’s nothing much to see and do in Manila Zoo, right?” They went on saying.


Unknown to many, inside the 55-year old state-owned zoo is a privately owned half hectare of land called Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle. Owned by GMA Network’s CEO, Joel Marcelo Gozon Jimenez, Kinder Zoo is an interactive zoological facility that features exotic animals that can be held and fed. Last August 23, 2014, it welcomed both media and bloggers to take a tour around its facilities and introduced to us two of its most famous residents, both of whom have starred in Hollywood’s blockbuster movies. Wow, right?!

Come on, let’s go!

From Manila Zoo’s main entrance, turn left to enter Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle. There’s a separate minimal entrance fee for this facility. You can check out the prices at the end of this post.

Kinder Zoo Facade

After entering the gate, we found ourselves in this cool shaded pathway with colourful LEGO animals to greet us.

Kinder Zoo Path

Going in further, we found a kiddie pool that looked so refreshing on that warm sunny day. We were told that guests can book the whole place for a pool party. A zoo pool party! Now, that’s sure to be a hit! 🙂

Kinder Zoo Pool

The program started with DJs from DZME 1530 Radyo Uno building rapport with the audience as they enjoy the sumptuous buffet. CreatiVoices CEO, Voice Master Pocholo Gonzales (left) also joined them and wowed the crowd by doing voice impersonations of popular animal characters like Pong Pagong, Kiko Matsing, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Barney.

DZME Hosts

While everyone’s busy, I slipped away for a while. The animals were calling. 🙂


These pretty birds were just perched on the trees, free to roam, free to play. There’s the grass owl on the left, lady birds on the right, and the colorful Toucan at the bottom.

Kinder Zoo Birds

There were also tortoises (land-based turtles) doing uhm, something.


These are the Indian Star Tortoises. They are usually found in dry areas and scrub forests in India and Sri Lanka. They got the star on their name from the black and yellow radiating streaks pattern on their shells (seen more on the smaller tortoise on the left).

Indian Star Tortoise

There were also animals that the guests can take a ride on.


Interactive Zoo

The birds were very tame and well-trained to perch on guests’ arms. Here, both kids and kids at heart take turns in getting a photo with the white Cuckatoo.


Here, a man braces for a lips-to-lips with the friendly Toucan.


Guests were allowed to feed the birds, with dietician approved food, of course. The bottom photo shows a woman throwing banana pieces to the birds.

feeding birds

There’s DA knocking on the tortoise’s hard shell. Guests were encouraged to touch and feel the tortoises shell but never to sit on them.

interaction turtle

Aww, this Gibbon is just too cute with his yellow diaper. When he’s not monkeying around, he also gets a photo op with the park’s young guests.


I came back just in time to listen to Kinder Zoo’s Marketing Director Grace Bondad Nicolas (left) give a short talk. Operations Manager, Juana “Neneng” Lubrico (right) also went onstage to introduce our first guest, 50-year old Sulcata Tortoise, Mr. T. His blockbuster movie is still showing in cinemas by the way. 😛

Marketing Director and Operations Manager

Sulcata Tortoises

Here comes Mr. T, carried by 2 personnel. Yes, he’s that heavy! 50 years may sound like a long time already but these Sulcatas can live over a hundred years, with the oldest recorded at 182 years old! Wow, I feel so young! 🙂 Their shells can grow to over 1 meter in length and they can weigh over 40kgs. They eat grass, plants, and cactuses. Unlike regular turtles, these tortoises are not shy and actually look forward to being with humans. They love being fed but do be careful with their sharp beak.

In comes Mr. T

Here’s a closer look at Mr. T.

Mr. T Up Close

Kinder Zoo has been successful in breeding these tortoises. Here, a 4-month old baby Sulcata Tortoise was placed on top of 50-year old Mr. T.

Mr. T with baby

Hey there, little fella!

Baby T Up Close

DA with Mr. T when the latter was back in his environment.

Mr. T back

Hyacinthe Macaw

Meet our second guest. Which movie have you seen this smart looking BLUE parrot? Right you are! It’s in the movie Rio! Well, to be really accurate, the ones in the movie were Spix’s Macaws and this beauty here is a close relative. Kinder Zoo is proud to conserve 7 Hyacinthe Macaws in its facilities. These macaws, native to Brazil, are the largest flying parrot in the world. Sadly though, they are considered endangered, numbering approximately only 4,000 in the wild.

Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinthe Macaws are known as the clowns of the parrot family because of their yellow skin that make them look like they are constantly smiling. The staff was not kidding when he said that these birds are naturally inquisitive and playful. Just look at these photos of them that I took! 🙂

Hyacinth Macaw - So Cute!

Mommy, can I take one home? Puh-lease!!

Hyacinth Macaw - So Cute!

Oh and did I mention that these birds are at a whopping P800,000 each?

Hyacinth Macaw - So Cute!

This is their caged aviary. It’s amazing how they immediately fly to you when you stand by their cage. Be careful of their beaks though as they are powerful and have a crushing strength of 3000 pounds per inch. The 7 Hyacinthe Macaws have called this home for the past 5 years, growing and maturing into adult birds. Sometime this year, Kinder Zoo will no longer display the Macaws that have paired up and will set them up for breeding in its new breeding facility. Awww… So be sure to catch them while they’re still at Kinder Zoo!

Macaw Cage

After the event, we all got to take home souvenir Hyacinthe Macaw feathers. Nice! We’re all a tiny fraction of P800,000 richer. LOL! And no, they did not pluck them off the birds, they naturally shed these feathers, if you must know.

Souvenir Feathers

Before heading to the exit, this charming Toucan made his way to my arm for an obligatory photo-op. 🙂

With Toucan

Finishing the rest of my tour, I saw this wall climbing facility near the exit. Apart from this, Kinder Zoo also offers other activities like Zip Lining.

Wall Climbing

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee is just P100 per person. With this, you can already do the basics of taking photos and interacting with the animals. To really maximize your jungle adventure however, you may opt to get their SuperSulit Bundle for only P250 which includes the wall climbing, zip line ride, swimming, butterfly garden, horseback riding, bird, fish, and turtle feeding, and sideway climbing.


Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle
Inside the compound of Manila Zoo
M. Adriatico Street cor. President Quirino Avenue,
City of Manila
(02) 522-6179
(02) 475-5775
9:30AM – 6:00PM
Open everyday including holidays
*Visitors will have to enter Manila Zoo to be able to purchase an entrance ticket to Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle


I would love for you to experience the Kinder Zoo fun firsthand so I am giving away 5 tickets to Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle. And since my birthday is coming up in a few days, I’ll also throw in a goody bag with lots of kiddie stuffs.

tickets prizes

Here’s how to join:

  1. Like Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy on Facebook
  2. Comment your full name, email address, and who you’ll share the Kinder Zoo tickets with on this blog post.

Entries will be accepted until September 25, 2014, 11:59PM. Good luck! 🙂

P.S. We also visited Manila Zoo to check out the animals there. Photo Gallery here.


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  1. Hi che,

    Glad to read your blog. Been there at the kinder zoo way back when Bea and Sean were just little kids … that was 6 years ago. Hope to bring my kids back there again, this time with Seth and Symon.

    1. Hi Kuya Jhun! 🙂 kamusta na? Yes, bring them too, I’m sure they’ll have a great time. Join my giveaway para free 5 tickets n agad hehehe

  2. You know, I have to admit we haven’t taken the kids to Kinder Zoo, we just took them around to see the other animals around the regular area. We were a bit hesitant because it was somewhat pricey (we have 3 kids, after all, so we have to pay for 5 heads) and we weren’t sure if it would be worth it. Now that I’ve seen this, I’ll show it to the hubby. Another trip is in order. 🙂

  3. Hi, i’m Leovelyn V. Ramos,, and I will share these Kinder Zoo tickets with my sister and her two kids. We’re both stay-at-home moms so this could be a great treat for us and the kids. I love the pictures and it makes me more excited to be there! 🙂

  4. Hi Cher!
    I intend to bring along my husband, my 6 year old daughter, my 5 year old nephew and my 6 year old niece. Among my 23 nephews and nieces, these 2 are very dear to me. Their father died a few months ago and their mother who is my sister, gave birth to her 6th child just last month. I just want these 2 kids to be happy and to enjoy life that’s why we are spending quality time with them. I’m sure we’ll have a fun-filled experience at kinder zoo if ever. Nonetheless, advance happy birthday!

  5. Hi i’m Princess Buenviaje, i will share these kinder zoo tickets to my two kids, to husband and one for me… yehey i’m hoping to win this for my kiddos newest adventure. The place is so nice and very accomodating and i want to experience holding those exotic animals yeah! Feeling braved.*)!
    Princess Buenviaje

  6. Manilyn M. Agus
    Wow! Im excited to share this to my 4 handsome kids! A perfect family bond and birthday trip to our eldest. And my 2nd was excited to see and touch Blu up close! He’s a fan of Rio ever since. And also want to introduce my kids to different kinds of animals. 🙂

  7. Name: Maria Carla Perez
    Thanks for this awesome giveaways! If I win , i will share this to my cute little nieces who loves animals, actually we have a small bird nest in our yard with 3 different kind of birds, we also have 2 rabbits, 4 hamsters, 3 small turtles/tortoise and 10 different kind of fish. For sure they will be happy to see more different kind of animals in the zoo. They also wish to see the mother of their turtles so by looking at the photos you posted above, they will be in cloud nine once they see Mr. T! HAHA! Also they love the movie Rio and would love to see Blu in person!

  8. I want to share it with my kids and pamangkins. They really love animals!
    We usually go to manila zoo but we never go to kinder zoo bcoz of another entrance. But if I win I really appreciate it. My kids will surely love it. And they will surely happy. Thank you for this giveaway bcoz not everyone can go to manila zoo because of lack of money,but for this promo it was so helpful to us to experience kinder zoo.

  9. Jane Dulva
    I’ll share to my kids and my 2 pamangkins. They really loves animal so much especially the birds! We usually ho to the manila zoo but we never go to kinder zoo because of another entrance. So if I will win my kids will surely enjoy it. Thanks Ma Me Mi MOMMY!

  10. Ann Cristin Granzore
    I want t share with my niece who love animals.She maybe young but she thinks like adult 🙂 And also I share some of the tickets to my cousins that are on elementary level who are indeed needed for their studies.

  11. I Will share this kinder zoo tickets to my loving sister nd her little boy,to my little brother and to my other sister ..this is the perfect bonding for us because my nephew nd my little brother never been to any zoo at all so I want to win this for them ..pls let me..they’re for sure become happy if they see those animals..they love animals..godbless more power.

  12. Karina Velasco
    I’ll share these tickets with my college friends. Though we are all already working, we are still very young at heart! Our first ever bonding as college blockmates is in Manila Zoo – so it’s nice to go back and remember the good old days! 🙂

  13. Comment your full name, email address, and who you’ll share the Kinder Zoo tickets with on the blog post.
    Liz Jasmine L. Dimaya,
    Well, we are six in our family but if there’s only 5 tickets, I’d like to share this with them. Since we rarely had the time to go out and relax together, I think this would be a great opportunity for them to have a break, together this time. Thank you! 🙂

  14. Shandie Valdez
    If i’ll be the chosen one, i will share the tickets with my:
    Nephew – because in his early age (turning 1 on Oct 2014) we all know that these kind of age, babies were being amazed with what they see and i want him to know about other animals, not only the cats & dogs
    His Mom – i love carrying her baby but what if i get tired who will be the next to carry him? haha but its not only the reason why i want her to go with us, i want her to go with us because she’s one of my closest cousin.
    Cousin (his mom’s sister) – same reason with her sister. hahaha
    Boyfriend – because i want him to introduce with my 2 cousin & introduce my nephew to him and i want him to have bonding time with the 3 awesome members of our family

  15. I let my kids see all the animal pictures you have,they get excited and told me they want to see the animals personally if luckily im chosen to win the tickets i will bring my 3 kids and my husband.Its a great family bonding for us and the kids will learn more about different animals.Thank you for having this on your blog.More power

  16. Name: Cherry T. Lumba
    If I won, I’m gonna share this with my 9 year old cousin. Her mom, our aunt raised her incredibly all by herself and we always treat our cousin like our youngest sibling because her mom took care of us too. I know treating our cousin are one of the ways to thank her, hopefully this would also serve as a gift to her 10th birthday this coming November 30. I would also share this with her mom and my brother and sister This is a perfect way for us to bond as one family. I really wish that you will choose me .Thank you so much and God bless! 🙂

  17. Patricia M. Bautista
    If I win in this contest, i will gladly share my kinder zoo tickets to my siblings. Since, 5 kami saktong sakto sya! Btw, Im the eldest! I just have to save up for my parent’s tickets! Excited much! 🙂
    My little brother, John keeps on telling me that he wants to go to a zoo!!! Happy i read this blog! Buhay pa pala talaga ang manila zoo!!
    More power to blog! 🙂

  18. Jennifer A. Gallo
    If I win the tickets I will share it to my 5 y/o daughter, Jandy. Since she is the only kid in our household I will bring along my equally kids at heart housemates my sister Cha, my brother Christian and my sister-in-law Jovy. :):):)

  19. Owen Cyrill B. Pugeda
    Good day! I’ve seen your blog and I didn’t even think twice to join here.. This Sept. 3 is my birthday and I want to celebrate it with our family.. I have one kid, a 7 year old girl and an upcoming baby boy next month..I think it’s a good way to enjoy with my daughter and hubby as well as my mom and dad before the D-day comes.. Hope you’ll consider me.. Thank’s a lot.. God Bless! 😀

  20. full name: Rhozallino Ramones
    email address:
    I share the Kinder Zoo tickets with my family, relatives and nephews so that they have Fun and a good times with animals because they love animals. 🙂

  21. Princess Jeliz Manalo,

    I am hoping to win so I could treat my family to a place where adventure and fun begins.
    I’ll be sharing the tickets with my husband, my 5 years old son, my 1 year old daughter, my sister and my cousin who just got here in Manila last month. I’d like to show him Manila and it would be best kung ang dadalhin ko sya sa lugar na alam kong sulit ang oras at minuto nya dito. Yung lugar na alam kong makakapag pasabi sakanya na “the best pinsan ako”. I think eto na yon. Kaya wish myself a very good luck.

  22. Apolonio Manalo Jr,

    September 26, 2014 is a very special day for me and my wife, because it is our 2nd year Wedding Anniversary. I’m truly grateful to have her as my wife so in our Anniversary I’d like to give her a special gift. She and my kids loves animals so much so I’d like to bring them to a place where we can both learn more about animals while we enjoy ourselves. I’d also like my kids to be aware of the different animals that we share our world with. It would be a way for them to know why they should someday protect our planet earth. I saw in your blog the fun adventures we might experience when we got there, and I can’t hardly wait. I can already imagine the smile on their faces that would fill my heart with joy. Hoping to win. Thank you very very much.

  23. Name: Jaine de Guzman
    5 tickets are perfect for my 3 kids, hubby and me. It’s been a long time since we visited Manila Zoo. hope we win

  24. Mary Drixkie Ann Bojador

    I will definitely have me, my husband and my son visit the kinder zoo. Maybe on my son’s 2nd birthday, as for the extra two tickets, I’ll invite my son’s lolo and lola to join us.. who says only kids can enjoy a trip like this? 🙂

  25. I want to share this to my two kids, my hubby and sis in law who patiently taking care of my kids…we are from la union and taking them to kinder zoo will be a great fun…

  26. Wow! I want to share this to my family. Great my niece’s and nephew really loves animals especially my nephew he is like the young version of kuya kim. He loves collecting different kinds of animals and he knew almost the name of dinosaurs, lol I bet he will surely enjoyed if he saw those animals in person. GOD BLESS!

  27. Jenie Anne Rosanes

    this is a really cool prize. I will be sharing it with my baby, my mom, my niece and aunt. the kids will surely love seeing and interacting with those colorful birds and other animals. they will have a lot of fun visiting that zoo.

  28. Kim Nunez
    I will share the ticket with my mom, I want to give her a day out/bonding with kids day and to my 6 year old sister because she’s never been to a zoo, and she’ll definitely love this adventure 🙂

  29. Hi! I so enjoyed this post, thanks so much for sharing! You hit right on the spot with your intro, though I’ve been planning to go to Manila Zoo soon anyway. But the Kinder Zoo is great!!! I’ll bring my kids and nephews and nieces there for sure!

    1. I share this
      tickets sa
      dalawa kung
      kapatid na
      anak ku na
      sakin at sa
      sakto 5 kmi 🙂

  30. I share this
    tickets sa
    dalawa kung
    kapatid na
    anak ku na
    sakin at sa
    sakto 5 kmi 🙂

  31. I will share this with my two children
    Azrael Zeniff King & Alessa Zaraiah King and also with husband as a family treat

  32. Karen Sasha L. Medel
    Email address:
    If fortunate enough to win the tickets, I will share it with my family. My dad, sister, and two baby brothers. I want to win these tickets for my siblings to be educated to different kinds of animals and for them to learn how to care and love these lovely animals. I really want to win these because I want to treat them as well and give them something that they could learn. Thank you!

  33. Cristina Lorenzo
    nice blog and thanks for sharing your tickets and Happy Birthday!!!
    who ever wins
    well if i had the chance to win the 5 tickets
    this will be memorable because the last time we go out as a family was
    when i was 6 or 7 yrs old
    im gonna share it with my mom,Dad,Brother and to my little one my Son who gave me the reason to be strong because being a single mom is not easy
    i can’t give him all the things but atleast giving him a special Day in a kinder Zoo that he will remember until he gets old will be priceless reward for me ^^
    GOD BLESSED!!! everyone

  34. Josephine Diones
    If given the chance, I will share 5 tickets with my 2 younger kids, 1 grandson, and to my 2nieces. This is a great chance for us have bonding moments together, and a breaker for us from Manila’s pollution and traffic problem. I would be a happy mom, tita and lola If I get this tickets.

  35. Mary Ann C Temblique
    meann820 at gmail dot com
    If i win, I want to share the tickets to my daughter because she will celebrating her birthday on September 21,and she will definitely love it. and I will also share it to my partner and to my Dad and Mom.

  36. Alexandra Arel G. Ramos
    And I would love to share if I win this tickets to my friends who are already teen but we’re always child at heart! It’s always a good and refreshing thing to enjoy the things you do during your childhood years with the people you are with right now. So I’m hoping I’ll win! Thank you & God bless!

  37. Kathleen Lara Arceta
    It’ll be fun sharing the tickets with my 2-year old daughter and 3-year old Korean cousin. Since both of them are toddlers, they will surely love the thought of discovering nature and exploring animals beyond what they see in pictures 🙂 Family field trip at its best!

  38. Mary Anne Ramirez

    I will share the ticket to my husband and 3 kids. Hope to win as this will be our first time to go here. I know we will enjoy this trip and would have fun memories as we all love animals.

  39. Liked the your facebook page!
    Also read your blog good read!
    I’m going to share the tickets with my family, 5 tickets goes to me and my partner and other two tickets goes to his ninong and ninang who would go with us on Zoo day, highlight of the trip would be daughter’s first trip to the zoo as she is 2 years old and is very curious on how the world goes. i would like to show her how beautiful Manila zoo and the kinder zoo attraction especially the various animals to see. so please grant me this wish so my family can go to the zoo and enjoy!

  40. My son will celebrate his 5th bday on sept 26. ( i think this will be the best gift). So hoping we can win the tickets. I will share the tickets to my favorite niece Luisa, to dadi eric and to my ever loving and supportive mom. Thanks.

  41. Once blessed to be chosen here, I will share the Kiddie Zoo tickets to my super duper bibo and lovable 4-year-old niece, my mom and 2 younger sisters. We are used of going out as a family. Originally, we are 6, plus 2 new members- my niece and my sister-in-law, which makes it 8. We will pay for the entrance of the remaining 3 family members. It would be more fun to visit the zoo as a whole family. It would be a bunch of happiness! 🙂
    My niece enjoys animals a lot! She had been to Manila Zoo when she was 2 years old. It would be a different experience now that she is already 4. Also, there will be a closer interaction with the animals at Kinder Zoo. It is more exciting and educational! What more can you ask for?!
    Hope to get picked for my niece and for the rest of the family members who are certified kids at heart!!! 😉
    Happy birthday! Thanks and more power! 🙂
    Jemica Sarol ,

  42. I will share the Kinder Zoo tickets with my son and partner together with my nephews before I fly to Singapore. 🙂

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