Halloween at The Alexandra


While a lot of people are having their halloween fun this weekend, we had ours a wee bit earlier. Our place didn’t have anything special planned so we joined the Circus Nightmare at The Alexandra in Pasig, thanks to a friend. Registration fee was P375 for each participant, inclusive of a loot bag from Universal Robina, coupons of free foodies from Dunkin Donuts, Red Ribbon, Munch Potato and Mr. Softy Ice Cream, and one-time access to face painting, carousel, and photobooth. Sponsors include Universal Robina, Super 8, Mr. Quickie, Chatime, Adobo Republic, Brothers Burger, Dunkin Donuts, Papa John’s, Red Ribbon, Bite Block, Mr. Softy, Munch Potato, Viridian in Greenhills, Purefoods Tender Juicy, and Smart Steps. The program was held at the condominium’s clubhouse, which was transformed into a dark haunted house but still adorned with enough color to look fun and inviting. Come on, let’s check it out!

We arrived a bit late so while everyone was in front grabbing seats, we took our time at the photobooth. Oh yes, we were the first to use it! By the way, those are not props, we came in looking like that! Haha!

When we finally went in front, we realized that we were just in time for the costume parade. There’s that cute little Tigger making his debut, wondering why everyone’s staring at him!

A series of entertaining acts followed, starting with the magician. Now where was my photo of that? Hmm…Anyway, the next act was the acrobat show. These guys were so great! Everyone was holding his breath as they climbed and tumbled.   The higher they went, the louder the gasps. Each successful landing was greeted with a roaring round of applause and a huge sigh of relief!

Kids in all kinds of colorful costumes!

The last act was that of the unicyclist juggler, which looks thrilling too, judging by the expression of the girl in the Chinese costume.

There were a couple of sponsor booths outside (mainly food, save for Smart Steps) where hungry trick or treaters used their coupons on. For those without coupons, cash was accepted.

Also outside were the cotton candy booth, the face painting, and the mini carousel.

After all the program and games was the actual trick or treating where trick or treaters, both young and old march around the condominium, per building, not per house, for treats. It was a warzone! Everyone went in the same direction, halloween basket outstretched, clamoring for goodies. There were not always enough treats for everyone so it was not long before the trick or treaters broke into a run just to be the first to get the loot. Whew! Wait up! Here are the treats that we gathered and the little Tigger going through his loot! Happy Halloween guys! =)

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