Mad Science, Making Parties Scientifically Cool

Mad Science Party

Last weekend, the kids and I attended a kiddie party at GHW. Oh, I just love attending kiddie parties! There’s always so much color, so much decors, and so much fun! This party’s theme was underwater adventure. Let me share with you some of the notable things in the party. 🙂


Sea creatures of all sizes and colours hung amidst the aqua and blue balloons floating from the ceiling.

 Mad Science Party


This cootie catcher (you remember that thing you used to play with your friends where you open it and close it a number of times depending on your favourite number and then open the flaps to see your fortune? That’s the one!) party invitation was perfect in setting the under the sea mood for the invited guests.

Mad Science Party
Invitations: Cheryl | 0922-8243737



This colourful cake was beautifully decorated to include the cutest of sea creatures.

Mad Science Party
Cake: Jennifer | 0917-8200085


Mad Science

Apart from the usual magic and balloon performances, there was also a show by Mad Science. When the host introduced them, two people in white lab coats came up on stage bringing with them flasks, beakers, and other whatnots. Science at a birthday party? I haven’t heard of that before! It seemed interesting though so I grabbed a seat in front, along with all the other kids, and half expected Dr. Nefario to come out. 😛

Mad Science Party

No Doctor Nefario here, it’s the duo Gravity Gideon (left) and Carbon Champ (right) doing the experiments. Here, they show how to fit Eggbert, a hard boiled egg, into a flask with an impossibly small hole.  They managed to fit it in and get it out again. Hint, air and smoke.

Mad Science Party

Here, they make tornadoes by shaking the bottles filled with blue liquid vigorously. They did it as a game, boys vs girls. Guess who won?


Here, Gravity Gideon holds up a lighted candle while Carbon Champ helps the kids blow out the candle using tornado rings. The kids had a great time tapping, no, banging, on the big drum filled with fog to try blowing out the candle. The tornado rings from the fog made a really interesting effect. Too bad, I wasn’t able to capture them.

Mad Science Party

And of course, everyone’s favorite, dry ice! Just seeing all that smoke made all the children jump with excitement. Gravity Gideon even made dry ice bubbles (the drops coming out of the tube on the right photo). So cool! Look at all those hands trying to grab them! 🙂

Mad Science Party

Here’s DA getting a dose of the burp potion (also from dry ice). Judging by his reaction, it must have smelled awful!

Mad Science Party

The kids even got to make their own slime using borax and glue. Reminder, don’t ever put in your mouths!

Mad Science Party

All in all, it was a fun and educational experience for the kids (and kids at heart!). It’s a different take on the usual illusions and tricks; this one has a scientific edge to it. I just hope that they come up with new stuffs all the time. It quickly becomes old school if we see all the same things again at a different party.

They also offer these shows for summer camps, in-class workshops, family days, foundation days, and other special events.

For more information, you can head on to their website.

P.S. I just learned that Francis Kong (everyone’s favourite inspirational speaker) is the president of Mad Science Philippines! Wowza! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Mad Science, Making Parties Scientifically Cool

  1. I love kiddie parties that offer other activities other than the usual party games. Mad Science is super fun! Oh, and I love the party invitations. Really cool idea.

  2. Wow. This is really cool and something new 🙂 At least it teaches Science in a different but fun way. Looks like the kids really enjoyed and will love Science even more 🙂

  3. This is a great idea for preschoolers above. That means I still have time to adopt this idea in the next few years when my son starts to appreciate things like this.. 🙂

  4. Mad Science was also present on a party I attended a year ago wherein we were the guest band 🙂 It’s really refreshing to see something different other than clowns and magicians at a kiddie party. ^^ Plus kids (and adults) get to learn something while having lots of fun 🙂

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