McDo Kiddie Crew Last Day

McDo Kiddie Crew Graduation Day

To cap off their 5-day workshop, the McDo Kiddie Crew had their graduation on the last day. It was a short ceremony where all the kids from different schedules for that week all gathered to perform some dance and song numbers. It was slated at 1PM.

The party area was packed by the time we got there. There were around 25 kids in all. 

When all the kids were complete (there was actually one missing and later turned up when the whole thing was over because they thought it’s the regular schedule, awww…), the workshop teachers got the ball rolling. The 9-11AM (ahem ahem!) batch kickstarted the program with their dance number of Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off.

Other batches soon followed. 

After the dance numbers, all the kids gathered together to sing the official Kiddie Crew song, Make It Happen.

DA was not familiar with the lyrics of the song so I just told him to smile and wave to the people. Haha. 

McDo Kiddie Crew Last Day

As they danced and sang, the parents got busy with their smartphones and tablets to capture everything. 

McDo Kiddie Crew Last Day

After their performances, the teachers then gave out the certificates to the children. 

McDo Kiddie Crew Last Day

Along with that were badges, which DA really liked. His eyes popped up when he saw them. πŸ™‚

McDo Kiddie Crew Last Day

Here’s a closeup of the badges. Really cool! 

McDo Kiddie Crew Last Day

They performed one last dance number, Do the Ronald Dance, before food was served, capping off the event.

Aww, we’re surely going to miss going to McDo for this workshop. While it may be targeted to the older kids (6-12), it’s a really nice exposure even to the younger ones. Apart from doing artworks and learning dance moves, they got to see different people everyday. Even if they’re too shy to talk or too small to see, a simple high five or a wave of hello goes a long way in boosting their confidence in meeting new people. Apart from that is the invaluable lesson that in life, it’s not all fun and play. It’s also about working hard, about cleaning up after ourselves, and about being courteous and polite.

I am so glad to have had the chance to let DA join this. We’re sure to do this again in the coming years. 

Thank you to all the staff at McDonald’s Frontera Verde for taking care of the kids and patiently teaching them the ins and outs of being a certified Kiddie Crew. 

Till next time! πŸ™‚

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