Pigeon Breastfeeding is Best Feeding

Pigeon Breastfeeding is BestFeeding

Last Saturday, I joined Pigeon’s Only Moms Breastfeeding Event at the 3rd floor of SM Makati. Although I’m actually done with breastfeeding the two boys (*whew!*), I feel that I need a refresher for when baby number 3 comes along. Besides, I never really got to attend any formal breastfeeding talk/seminar before, so it’s high time that I do.

Pigeon Breastfeeding is BestFeeding

The event was hosted by the lovely Issa Litton, a breastfeeding mother of two.

Pigeon Breastfeeding is BestFeeding

From L-R, certified parenting and lactation expert, Abbie Yabot, Pigeon brand ambassador, Shamcey Supsup-Lee, and Richwell Philippines, Inc. COO, Maye Yao Co Say were there to share their expert advice on breastfeeding, including the ups and downs of it.

Pigeon Breastfeeding is BestFeeding

Abbie encouraged moms to keep on breastfeeding despite the challenges because there are solutions. “For moms who feel like they are not producing enough milk, it’s actually helpful to just keep breastfeeding and pumping. The more milk you express, the more your body will produce. It’s also best to use a breast pump to keep the milk flowing”, this coming from the lactation expert who has breastfed 5 kids already!

Pigeon Breastfeeding is BestFeeding

A new mom herself, Shamcey lent a relatable voice by sharing her own breastfeeding journey. “I’ve always known I wanted to breastfeed because I’ve been told about its many incomparable benefits. But I didn’t realize until I was actually breastfeeding just how hard it was. There were so many sleepless nights and crying. If I didn’t have my husband’s strong support, I would have quit easily”, the beauty queen shared.

The husband’s support indeed! So, as part of the event, the dads in the group were encouraged to stand up and take the pledge to fully support the mothers of their children in their breastfeeding journey, no matter how tough.

Pigeon Breastfeeding is BestFeeding

To the future mother of his future children, FYI, this boy also made that pledge. Hahaha!

Pigeon Breastfeeding is BestFeeding

To cap off the event, there were prizes raffled off. Though I didn’t win any of the 2 breast pumps being given away, we won the Crayola prize from Baby Company. Super super nice! Among them is the one with 152 colors! *Swoon!*

Here’s a photo of us in IG by Pigeon (@pigeonbabyph) with our many loot. 

Pigeon Breastfeeding is BestFeeding

Pigeon Products

Here are some of Pigeon’s Breastfeeding Products. These are for the home.

Pigeon Breastfeeding is BestFeeding

They had a weeklong sale last August 15-21, 2016! Look at those savings!

Pigeon Breastfeeding is BestFeeding

While this booth caters to breastfeeding on the go.

Pigeon Breastfeeding is BestFeeding

Pigeon Breastfeeding is BestFeeding

Electric Breast Pumps from Pigeon, the portable and the normal kind.

Pigeon Breastfeeding is BestFeeding

Pigeon also carries other baby products like baby wash, baby wipes, and bottle cleansers. 

Pigeon Breastfeeding is BestFeeding

Thank you Pigeon, for having us. It was indeed an afternoon well spent! 🙂

25 thoughts on “Pigeon Breastfeeding is Best Feeding

  1. I used Pigeon brand too when my son was still a baby. They have so many products na pala and glad to know that they are promoting breastfeeding too.

  2. Thumbs up to the “husband’s pledge part”
    I am a breastfeeding mom for 3 years now, my husband’s support helped me a lot in this journey 🙂

  3. I’ve used this brand during my baby’s younger years and they are good and affordable too compared to other brands… I love their bottle cleaners.. Nakakamiss din mgshop ng baby essentials, my kids are big now! 🙂

  4. How I wish I was able to attend this event! I’m still breastfeeding my 1yr 8month old little girl. Looked like a very informative event 🙂

  5. When I was still breastfeeding, I had to pump on a few occasions and what I used is Pigeon’s handy dandy electric pump!

    PS: Wow, 152 colours of Crayola is love!

  6. Breastfeeding is one of the best decisions I made as a mom! Glad that there are more seminars about it and products that will help sustain breastfeeding for a long time!

  7. As a breastfeeding mom myself, it greatly pleases me that information on the benefits of breastfeeding are now being advocated widely and that there are now more products that help breastfeeding mothers! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Your little boy is so adorable. He will surely be a sensitive and responsbile husband and father. Look! That early pa lang, he made his pledge na rin.

    But going back to breastfeeding (hihi), I appreciate that Pigeon had this event. Though Yael and I are into this journey together for a year, there are a few that I only learned from the talks. Its good to learn new things everyday. 🙂

  9. I think they need to host more events like this in more places to reach all moms around the Philippines. I’ve met so many moms who are clueless about breastfeeding (the benefits and what to expect) so they resort to formula feeding.

  10. Inngit! i wanted to go to this event Haha kaso full NA sya. I am currently breastfeeding my 6 mos old baby boy! I also breastfed my 10 yrs old for 4 yrs and my 2 yrs 9 months for 2yrs 3 mos. I just love it!!

  11. Inggit ako sa breasfeeding mom, I only breastfed my daughter for more than a month, konti yong milk na lumalabas sakin. To my future baby/s will still try to breastfeed. And oh I love the Pigeon bottles, my baby is using pigeon since birth. Sayang I didn’t join this event.

  12. Our feeding bottles are from Pigeon and my little one loves them so much. I also recommend them to my mommy friends who are looking for good feeding bottles and other baby stuff.

  13. This is such a good event. Breast milk is really best for babies thus breastfeeding should be the first choice of moms. It’s good that pegion has products that helps mommies in this journey.

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