Toy Expo 2014


Whenever we ask DA where he wants to go, his answer is always a loud and cheerful “TOY STORE!” When we heard about Toy Expo 2014 happening at the SMX Convention Center Manila on August 29-31, 2014, we decided to bring him to the biggest “toy store” he’s ever been to. 😛

The sign is soooo nice! 🙂 After I took this photo, a boy accidentally broke the bottom part of the O that it fell off. Oh dear!

Toy Expo 2014

This is the first thing that greets you when you step inside.

Toy Expo 2014 Disney

On one side were LEGO displays of popular tourist destinations. Here, we have Malaysia’s Petronas Towers and Taipei’s Taipei 101.

Toy Expo 2014 Lego Buildings

On top, Thailand’s Wat Mahathat, Sukhothai. Bottom, China’s Great Wall.

Toy Expo 2014 Lego Buildings

Singapore’s Merlion and our very own Rizal Park.

Toy Expo 2014 Lego Buildings

Here’s a closer look at one of the LEGO displays.

Toy Expo 2014 Lego Buildings

Most of the booths have a play area like this where the kids and kids at heart can play.

Toy Expo 2014 Lego

Why are they all huddled up and looking busy?

Toy Expo 2014 Gundam

Turns out they’re exercising their brains by fixing Gundam Model kits! It says it right there, research confirms that model kit making trains the brain! 🙂

Toy Expo 2014 Gundam

Here are some finished Gundam Build Fighters Models.

Toy Expo 2014 Gundam

There’s the Monopoly booth where you can play the board game.

Toy Expo 2014 Monopoly

And the Play-Doh booth where a lot of kids were making Play-Doh ice cream.

Toy Expo 2014 PlayDoh

For Sony PlayStation fans, there’s the DRIVECLUB and Just Dance.

Toy Expo 2014 Playstation

Only in Toy Expo 2014 do the fans get to try the newest PlayStation 4 racing game called DRIVECLUB. It’s slated to be released in the US by October 2014 so don’t miss out this great opportunity to try the game for free as early as now!

Toy Expo 2014 Playstation

I was amazed by this complex track! There was a train (blurry 4-coach train in the middle) that was slowly traversing this winding maze.

Toy Expo 2014 Rollercoaster

If I was amazed by the one above, I was blown away by this! This is SlotMax, the world’s first lock track system. The car was going so fast that my phone camera was not able to capture it. The car can go up to 22kph and travel a distance of up to 30+ meters! DA kept exclaiming “Wow!” whenever the car whizzed by him.

Toy Expo 2014 Slotmax

Since I was not able to capture them in the tracks, I just took photos of the cars on display.

Toy Expo 2014 Slotmax

My husband and brothers would surely love this! It’s Call of Duty Collector Construction Sets by MEGA BLOCKS.

Toy Expo 2014 Call of Duty

Out of their boxes, they look like this. I could almost hear the gun shots amidst the loud whirring of the chopper blades.

Toy Expo 2014 Call of Duty

There were a lot of First Seen Here signs. Among them are these ultra comfy Jelly Nelly sandals which you can customise by decorating with loom bands! Great, right?

Toy Expo 2014 Jelly Nelly

The brand Fashion Angels also has so many First Seen Here items like the Darn Yarn, a bow headband kit and the Barefoot Sandals and Bracelet Kit. It’s so fun to be kikay here! 🙂

Toy Expo 2014 Fashion Angels

Other activities include Rainbow Loom band making and playing with Baby Alive Dolls.

Toy Expo 2014 Activities

That time, we were able to catch the Lalaloopsy Meet and Greet. Fans get to have their photos taken with their favourite characters on stage.

Toy Expo 2014 LalaLoopsy

Going around all those booths sure was fun but it can make one hungry too! Good thing there’s this Hello Kitty Cafe to keep the visitors’ tummies full. Side note, is Hello Kitty really not a cat??!

Toy Expo 2014 Hello Kitty Cafe

The cafe offers sandwiches, waffles and pancakes, pastas, baked pies, and beverages.

Toy Expo 2014 Hello Kitty Cafe

There’s also Ben10 Omniverse and Adventure Time.

Toy Expo 2014 Ben10

Visitors get to take photos with their favourite characters on display.

Toy Expo 2014 Ben10

Couldn’t resist taking another photo of the Disney booth. Hihihi

Toy Expo 2014 Mickey

We went home with this very nice loot, a remote controlled Lamborghini. It was originally priced at P1899.75 and now down to P500. That’s around 70% off! What a great deal, right? Also, you can wear the controller like a watch, just perfect for the birthday boy who’s been requesting for a watch! LOL!

Toy Expo 2014 RC

Why you should go

  1. Entrance is FREE.
  2. Discounts. Toys are at a discounted rate that you cannot get from visiting the toy stores. You can get as much as 70% off. Early Christmas shopping!
  3. First Seen Here. There are a lot of toys making their debut in the Toy Expo so it’s nice to be the first ones to see and experience them.
  4. Character Meet and Greet
  5. Lots of Activities for the kids. You can spend a whole day there and the children won’t get bored.

TIP: It was frrrrreeeezing inside, which was why we stayed only for a little while. Do bring your jackets for a more comfortable shopping and playing experience. 🙂

For a list of the stage activities, please refer to the schedule below.

Toy Kingdom Toy Expo Philippines 2014 Stage Activities



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  1. It looks like a toy heaven for kids and the kids-at-heart! 🙂 Oh I hope we can get there tomorrow!

  2. We were there yesterday. I honesty find the previous expo better. There were very few on sale items here and more “first seen here” items. Mostly 10% off lang.

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