His Awesome First Dental Visit


Ever since DA turned one, his pedia had been reminding me to schedule an appointment with the dentist (and the ophthalmologist) just to have everything checked. Bad mommy never got around to do it, until now, almost two years later. Oh my! How time flies! So here we are, at almost 3 years old, on our way to have his first ever dental visit. I brought DS along too. At least one of them was right on schedule! :p

A friend recommended The Dental Unit Family Dentistry located in BSA Twin Towers, just a stone’s throw away from Megamall. How convenient! We decided to give it a try.


We went up to the 6th floor and found the place.


Once inside, the kids settled on a comfy sofa in the waiting area to watch their favourite show that was playing on TV.


There were also books and other toys in a shelf to entertain the kids.


After I filled up the information form, the pedia dentist, Doc Effie Donnabel T. Sy, was ready to see DA. Knowing that young kids might be apprehensive about the whole dental experience, Doc Effie was all smiles when she struck up a friendly conversation with DA. She showed him around, pointed to this and to that, and finally enticed him to sit on her “magic” chair (the one that turns into a bed!).


Like a teacher in school, Doc Effie patiently explained first what she would do and the tools she would use before starting. Ate Dimple also held a mirror in front for him to see what would go on in his mouth. This helped DA get involved and made the experience more interesting and less frightening.


There he is, opening his mouth willingly and having his teeth cleaned and brushed and flossed, all the while listening to the benefits of regularly brushing his teeth.


Apart from explaining things, Doc Effie was also gaining brownie points by giving DA the power to choose. Here he chooses the floss colour and the type of mirror to use.


Whoopeee! All done! For being a good patient, DA got to take home a hand balloon and a treat from Doc Effie. 🙂


Here he is, showing his newly cleaned teeth, with his dentist, Doc Effie. Thank you doc for making DA’s first dental visit an interesting and an awesome one.


DS also had his turn but being too young I had to hold him and do a knee-to-knee with the doc which is why I wasn’t able to take photos. He was screaming the whole time also as he hates it when someone touches his mouth. Oh well, hope the next visit will be a better one for him. 🙂


The Dental Unit Family Dentistry
628 BSA Twin Towers
Ortigas Bank Drive,
1550 Mandaluyong, Philippines
(02) 654-1878
(0916) 659-8648

Tue – Fri: 10AM – 7PM
Sat: 9AM – 6PM

Services: General Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been on a mission to look for a pediadentists near my place and I don’t know what to expect. Megamall is still a bit far but at least I know it’s an option.

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