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It’s high time that we get Ky a passport – a passport to travel, a passport to Disneyland the world! Going all the way to DFA Aseana however, seemed like a terrible chore so when I heard that there’s already a DFA office in Megamall, I jumped the gun.

Setting an Appointment

With everything online nowadays, I decided to try setting an appointment using their website After the first few screens of filling up required information, I couldn’t help but laud the government office for providing such convenience. I was still thinking praises in my head when I reached a stump – I couldn’t pick a schedule! Supposedly, I can just click a date and choose my desired time to set an appointment but whenever I do, I get an application error. I’d hit the back button and resubmit but the same error occurs. I made several attempts later and more still in next few days after but all to no avail.

With no other choice, I picked up the phone and dialed their hotline 737-1111. Like all hotlines, it was so hard to get through. I kept getting the recorded message that tells me that all operators are busy and that I should just call again. Well, yeah, I’ve been trying for days already! One Monday morning though, I finally got through. I gave all the details to the operator, similar details that I filled up via online right before the picking of schedule. This time however, I will not be getting an application error! I initially picked the nearest Saturday (yes, they’re open on Saturdays too, ain’t that great!) as my schedule but was later informed that Saturdays are strictly for rush processing, which entails additional cost. I then settled for Sep 28, Friday, 430PM.


I’ll just mention here the requirements I gathered for a minor applying for a new passport. For a full list of the requirement, please refere to their website I listed earlier.

  1. Printed Application Form – You can print the form by going to Fill in the reference number, print code (both to be provided to you by the operator at the end of the call), birthday, last name, first name, middle name of the applicant. The form will come out as a PDF file, which you have to print in a long bond paper. Fill in all the other blanks but leave the signature part for when you get to DFA.
  2. Original and Photocopy of Passport of both Parents
  3. Original NSO certified Birth Certificate
  4. Photocopy of NSO certified Marriage Certificate
  5. Physical Appearance of Applicant

Getting There

It’s on the 7th floor of the new wing, building C, of Megamall. It’s similar to going to the parking area but instead of the parking, you take a flight of stairs up to the DFA office.

Once There

  1. Go to the front desk and have your application form ready for verification.
  2. Proceed to the LCD panel, click Passporting to get your number
  3. Proceed inside to the waiting area. There are more than 10 counters that are serving customers so it’s pretty fast. There’s a copier and a notary inside as well, in case you forgot to have your documents copied or notarized.
  4. Once your number flashes on the screen, go to the specified counter and present your documents. You’ll be issued a receipt  for you to bring to the cashier.
  5. Proceed to the cashier and pay – P950 for regular processing (15 working days), P1200 for rush processing (7 working days).
  6. Photograph and Signature – To our dismay, we saw a long line of people waiting here. Uh-oh, we’d be here for a long time. Or so I thought. A staff approached us and asked who the applicant was. Upon realizing that Ky’s the applicant, she led us to the right side of the room where there were other young applicants as well. Courtesy lane. Whew! After about 15 minutes of waiting and many merry-go-rounds around the waiting area, we were finally called. Ky’s photo was taken. It was so ugly! Grrr! He was trying to wiggle out of his box seat to go around and walk. Oh well. After that ordeal, I affixed my signature and we were off to the last step.
  7. Courier – we decided to just have the passport delivered for a fee of P120. We just presented the receipt, paid the fee. Our address was taken in another window and then we’re off.

All in all, it was just a 35-minute procedure. The place was brightly lit, well-ventilated and spacious making it a very pleasant experience for both Ky and me. Little Mr. Congeniality was even able to make a few young and not so young friends from the waiting area all the way to the courier! Another plus is since it’s in a mall, I got to run a few quick errands before heading home. Nice!

4 thoughts on “Megamall Passport Experience

  1. Thanks for the info. I will have my first ever passport application on October 13 and I am excited! My documents are ready, however, my NBI clearance says, “NOT FOR TRAVEL ABROAD”, something like that. I re-used my old NBI clearance which I used for employment, November of last year (It expires November this year and I want to utilize it as much as I can). Do you think the stamped sign, “”NOT FOR TRAVEL ABROAD”” will have an effect on my application? Here are the documents I have at hand:

    NSO Birth Certificate
    Old College ID
    Current Employee ID
    Transcript of Records
    TIN Card
    Postal ID
    NBI Clearance

    1. Hi! I’m not sure if it will have an effect on your application, hope it doesn’t! Good luck! 😀 Keep us posted!

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