Frootees, my Current Addiction


I got my stash of Frootees from the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween Party last October 18. Until then, I haven’t heard of it nor have I tried it before. Having gotten so many, I decided to try one. I haven’t stopped munching on it since! That’s how much I like it!


Frootees is another creation of the biscuit giant, Rebisco. Each pack contains three jam-filled shortcakes that are high in Vitamin C and Zinc to help boost the immune system. It also uses honey as a natural sweetener. They come in grape, mango, and strawberry flavors. Oh, yummy!!


Why I Like Frootees

  • Shortcake. It’s not the usual hard biscuit but a shortcake so it’s a bit softer. This makes it perfect for young kids. I prefer the softness of it as well, compared to hard biscuits.
  • Fortified. Each cookie is loaded with vitamins and important minerals to help boost the immune system
  • Flavors. I love the different flavors they have. Grape is my favorite among the three.
  • Not sticky. I’ve tried other cookies like this and the jam is so sticky that it sticks to the teeth. Ugh! I like how this doesn’t.

What I Don’t Like

  • I certainly don’t like how I’m getting so addicted to it! Help!!!

These are available in leading groceries for P49.50 for a pack of 10.

P.S. I know how this is supposed to be for the kids and not for me but I can’t help it. They like it as well, I just like it more. πŸ˜›


12 thoughts on “Frootees, my Current Addiction

  1. I haven’t tried this yet, yung nakuha ko sa MBP Halloween party andun parin sa paper bag di pa nagagalaw. Hehe. But I will try it later, I just want to know easy to dissolve ba sya? Gusto ko sana ipa try sa baby ko eh, 9 months na sya eh. Pwede kaya sa kanya to? Hhhhmmm…

  2. I used to buy this before as baon! (Not naman when I was young because I don’t think may Frootees na noon; when I was working na yata). They’re delish but I prefer the bitter taste of chocolate more!

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