How to Remove Excess Oil from Soup or Stew


Let’s all admit it, we all really love to eat beef stew, pata tim, bulalo, and adobo. They are just so yummy, especially the taste of the sauce on our rice! Oh heaven! The problem with these dishes though is that they are always so oily. There is always a thick layer of oil floating on top of our savoury sauce. I’ve cooked some of these dishes without adding a single drop of oil and yet the natural oil from the fats of the meat eventually come out. Despite it’s yummy goodness, we all wish that there’s a way to lessen the fat and not get it into our system. Well, we could always let it cool in the ref until the oil solidifies but this runs the risk of the stew getting cold, which is certainly not what we want! There is another way! Hallelujah! No, we don’t need a commercial fat separator for it, all we need are right in our homes – ice cubes! Here’s how:

1. You’ll need ice cubes, the bigger the better.


2. Dip the ice cube into the stew or soup. (Yes, I washed my hands thoroughly first before dipping.) This came straight from the stove so it’s still really hot. Be quick on the dipping so that the ice does not become too watery. Alternatively, you can put the ice cubes on a strainer so that you don’t have to hold them.


3. After a quick dip, bring it out and this is what you will get – solidified oil sticking to the ice cube.


4. It’s like wax now so you can just peel it off and repeat the process.


5. After a couple of dips, this much is what I’ve got. Whew! I sure am glad that I can enjoy my beef stew minus all that fat!


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