Let’s let the Lady get a Restful Nap

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Imagine yourself lying down on the comfy sofa, your legs propped high, your body hugging a pillow, your head rested comfortably atop 2 smaller pillows.

Your eyes are closed, they move rapidly. Your lips form a curve. A pleasant dream, perhaps?

A picturesque moment of peace and serenity…


The phone suddenly rings, disturbing your tranquil nap…

Annoyed, you get up to answer the phone.

“Hello.. Who? Oh, wrong number…”

$%$^%#$@$#!!!! Tatawag tawag, wrong number naman pala!

Haven’t we all had moments like these?

Now imagine this happening on a daily basis. Argggghhh!

Gloria Maris

Yesterday, I was trying to get through to Gloria Maris (Missouri, San Juan) to inquire about a menu. I called up one of the numbers, 570-0921. A lady answered; for my inquiry, she redirected me to the next number 570-0923. I tried that a couple of times but kept getting a busy tone. Not willing to wait, I decided to try the middle number, 570-0922, thinking that it’s also one of Gloria Maris’.

“Hello? Gloria Maris…?”

I was surprised to hear “No, residential…”


I quickly apologized for my mistake and proceeded to hang up.

The woman on the other line was not through however. She accepted my apology but went on to say “Alam mo miss….” (Miss, you know what…)

It turns out that the mistake I made was pretty common and she has been getting a lot of wrong calls for Gloria Maris on a daily basis! She proceeded to make a request that if I ever get through to Gloria Maris, that I should tell them to do something about it. She sounded like an aged woman already and though she was very kind about the whole thing, she really sounded tired. Who wouldn’t be tired from being disturbed by calls all day long just to learn that it’s a wrong number? More so if it’s in the middle of your nap! She mentioned that many times she was taking her nap when the phone would ring asking for Gloria Maris.

I apologized again profusely because I genuinely felt for her. Before we hung up, I told her that I would do something about it.

What to Do?

I figured that there really isn’t much that Gloria Maris can do. Their business cards clearly state the numbers 570-0921 AND 570-0923. It’s really the people’s mistake in assuming that the middle number is also theirs. Thus, I’m writing this to spread the word, to help that old lady get some restful nap.

If you’ll ever need the contact number for Gloria Maris in Greenhills, here they are

Gloria Maris Shark’s Fin Restaurant
Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas Ave.,
Missouri Street Corner Connecticut San Juan, Metro Manila
Telephone: (632) 570-0921 AND (632) 570-0923

Share this post too so you can help that good old lady get some restful sleep. 🙂

28 thoughts on “Let’s let the Lady get a Restful Nap

  1. Oh no! My sister is always pissed kasi daming tumatawag sa kanya looking for Mang Boy! Sabi nya, girl po ako hindi boy. Hihihi.. Pero she would get calls in the middle of the night pa minsan kasi pala si Mang Boy works abroad. Hahahaa! Would help you with this. Poor lady.

    1. Ang hirap ng ganun, noh? Dapat may answering machine, if you’re looking for Mang Boy, leave a message, otherwise, hold on. Hahaha! 🙂 Thanks, in behalf of that lady 😀

  2. Aaaww!! we used to get calls every morning before for train schedule because they thought it’s PNR’s number! I can totally get what the residential phone number owner is feeling! 🙂

  3. Awww I felt sorry for the lady! That’s true; there’s nothing much Gloria Maris can do about that. I think the lady should get her number replaced na lang. I remember tuloy those times when my work gets interrupted because of callers from credit card companies!

  4. maybe the old lady can set up a caller ID and voicemail instead to screen the calls so she doesn’t have to get up from her naps? 🙂

  5. Aww! That’s so nice and sweet of you! I thought the post is about you wanting to get a nap. 🙂 I hope the old lady gets her well-deserved nap every single day without the “wrong number” incidents anymore. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  6. Grabe! Ilang years na kaya siya sumasagot ng “No, residential…” sa mga callers nya? change of number is the best solution talaga, but of course someone from Gloria Maris should help her out. 🙂

  7. Oh my, nakaka stress nga yan, if pwede lang i-mute yung phone haha..But better nga change na lang the number para less stress kay Manang. 😀

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