8 Tips to Stay Cool during Summer—And Be Energy Efficient

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It’s summer again and although there are quality consumer electronics in the Philippines for saving energy, we still need to do our part in keeping our electric bill within our budget. Truth be told, it is tempting to turn on the air conditioning unit especially when the heat is unbearable but doing so will send the electricity bill skyrocketing. Plus, the CFCs (chlorofluorocarbon) from aircon will increase and further deplete our ozone layer.

It may be the hottest time of the year but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t cut down on our overuse of the AC unit. Here are some ways on how we can bear the summer heat and, at the same time, save money:

1. Dress for the temperature

This is obviously common sense. It’s hot out so don’t wear shirts with long sleeves, jackets, and any clothing made from any kind of material. Wear clothes made of light materials and just wear slippers or sandals so you won’t be bathing in your sweat (gross).

2. Take cool showers

Instead of taking a bath in the morning like we usually do, take one in the late afternoon or evening. That way you can cool your body before going to bed when it needs the most. But remember! Don’t take frequent showers just to cool down. We need to save water too.

8 Tips to Stay Cool during Summer
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3. Eat cold foods

Smoothies, salads, and fruit from the fridge all help in cooling your internal organs down. Ice cream helps as well. If you want to keep it a little on the healthier side, go for the organic ones and as for the ice cream, go for the dairy-free ones (but ice cream is still ice cream no matter what).

Image Source: www.usatoday.com

4. Cool your skin

Keep a small face towel in the fridge to wipe on your face, neck, forehead or any parts of your body to cool down. That way, you won’t have the need to turn your AC unit on to a temperature where sweaters are needed.

5. Close the curtains

This will help in deflecting the sunlight. Letting sunlight in the house may be a cheery sight but it will just heat the room up.

6. Unplug

All electrical appliances, even if it is a tiny light bulb, emit heat which can push the temperature up in your already hot house. Unplugging these devices, especially when they’re not in use, will prevent that from happening.

7. Plant wisely

Trees and other plants will help shade your home from the sun. They can also cool the air down—plus, you can use them as perches for a rope swing, a perfect way to beat the summer heat.

8. Regular maintenance of AC unit

Keeping your AC unit in check will help a lot in saving energy. If your unit is old, like ten years and above, maybe it’s time that you replace it with a newer model. Newer AC units are proven to be more efficient since they don’t consume energy as much as the older models.

With these easy tips, cooling off during the summer and saving money will be a breeze. Keep these in mind, have mercy on your AC unit, and before you know it, summer is over and you just made it enjoyable by making it through the heat.

18 thoughts on “8 Tips to Stay Cool during Summer—And Be Energy Efficient

  1. This summer is indeed the hottest that I have experienced yet and it is a wonder how my son is able to cope with this heat. I don’t have an A/C as well so I have to make do with the electric fans and open windows.
    Liz Aquino recently posted…Ouch! My Back…My Profile

  2. Great tips! We have lots of plants and it is true it helps provide shade and even cool down the temp a bit. Our AC though is due for cleaning which we will do this weekend. Well more of hubby not me.

  3. We actually just got our electricity bill and it’s sure going to make a serious dent on our wallets this month. It was really hard for us to stay cool this summer even with the A/C on the whole day. So, we also just got our A/C cleaned by a professional. Hopefully that will help decrease next month’s electricity bill.
    Janice recently posted…Smart Parenting Baby Shower 2016My Profile

  4. Good and effective tips Cheryl….. I love summer a lot and your tips sound very effective for the harsh summer of our area. bearing the heat waves of our country is very difficult but thanks to you your article helps a lot….keep sharing your thoughts…

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