Finally done with my #healthisHappening Challenge!


Whew! After more than a month, I’ve finally finished my 21-day Healthy Habit Challenge! If you haven’t been following, I took up this challenge in an act of support for Unilab Foundation‘s aim of creating a Healthier Philippines (HealthierPH) one person at a time. The rule is quite simple, start cultivating a healthy habit and chronicle your journey through photos for the next 21 days (because it takes 21 days to form a habit, they say). Anyway, I have taken it up a notch to form 21 healthy habits, instead of just one, introducing a good new habit everyday for me and for my family. Why? Because there are just so many good habits that I want to form and this is a good opportunity to actually stick to it.

Anyway, how has my habit forming been? I must admit that I had a hard time keeping the habit on some (like my stomach crunches and getting enough sleep). It really helped to have it written down and posted as a blog though. Many times, I’ve been tempted to get some chips, to skip my night walking, to forget about the lemon but it’s like I have something to answer to if I don’t follow through. And it is this Challenge. I’ve collated the photos into one big picture to serve as a BIG reminder. I shall refer to it often and maybe add more if I have fully established these good habits.

 Cheers to a healthier us! Cheers to a healthier PH! 🙂

21 Healthy Habits


1. Exercise. I was supposed to do daily stomach crunches and hopefully some planking but I neglected to continue when we moved to our new house. My reason? I left my exercise mat at the old house. Lame, right? Well, I have got to find a way to get it back and continue this. I’d like to have some nice abs in time for summer next year! 🙂

2. Drink Lemon Water. Passed with flying colors. Haha! The Citrus Zinger that I got was really helpful in cultivating this habit.

3. Flossing (Kids). This is more for flossing the kids’ teeth. Ooops, needs more work.

4. Clean Your Plate (Kids). Check.

5. Choose Whole Wheat Bread. Check. Maybe brown rice is next…

6. Clean Up/Throw Trash in the Bin (Kids). Check.

7. Get Enough Sleep. Needs work, especially these days. Whew! Cramming!

8. Look into Oneself before Judging. Not much opportunity for this yet.

9. Laugh Often. Needs work. Stressful lately.

10. Count Your Blessings. Check.

11. Practice Helping Others. Check. We were able to turn in our Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF donations already. Yey! It was a bit sad though because the attendant whom I gave it to had a hard time processing it since, according to her, it’s so rare that people turn in donations and so she’s not familiar with what to do. Aww…

12. Say Your Prayers. Needs more work. We always fall asleep before we get to.

13. Get Moving. Check! So far, I’ve been doing nightly walks with the boys around the neighbourhood.

14. Get DH into an Active Lifestyle. Needs work. Although he does go walking with us from time to time. And when he does, I encourage him to walk the longer road.

15. Return what is not Yours. So far, check. Regarding the toy that DA found, I asked his teacher to make sure that he is the one who returns it to the owner. Just so he gets familiar with returning what is not his.

16. Goodbye Chips! Check. No buying of chips so far. I shall try to include no buying of chocolates also!

17. Choose Healthy Snacks. Fails sometimes but mostly check.

18. Minimize Radiation. Check. Must find more ways to do so.

19. Mind Your Manners (Kids). More for the kids. Needs work.

20. Take Deep Breaths. Check.

21. Finish What You’ve Started. Working on it.


22 thoughts on “Finally done with my #healthisHappening Challenge!

  1. I started my healthy-er lifestyle last July when I quit eating rice. I don’t have problem with exercise since I usually do a bit of brisk walking after I bring my daughter to school in the morning. We’ve also removed “chips” from our diet and eat more fruits, milk and veggies. Cheers to health lifestyle and parenting 🙂

  2. Oh wow! Congratulations!! I hope you continue the habit. The healthy habits are always the hardest for me so I admire how you were able to pull through magnificently! Kudos!

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