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We all love to get ourselves a massage from time to time but did you know that our kids can have theirs as well? Biocare, one of the top skin slimming spas in the country, offers growth enhancement massage for kids 2-12 years old. This particular massage not only relaxes our energized kids but it also helps them grow tall. Ahh! Just what every parent wants for his/her child. I know I do!

And so armed with a free trial for growth enhancement massage, we went to Biocare in San Juan to check it out.


This is the hallway, it goes all the way inside. There are 3 massage rooms and 2 bathrooms.


That’s the Chamomile Room. Let’s go see how the massage is going.


There’s Green Lantern DA, sitting comfortably in his big chair, pampered by his masseuse.


Having a child of her own, the masseuse was very friendly with DA. She kept talking to him, making him feel relaxed and comfy.


She concentrated more on the toes and explained that these are the reflexology points for the pituitary gland, the one that controls the growth hormone.


After massaging the feet and toes, she then went up to do the legs. She also taught him how to do stretches as shown in the photo. She urged him to try to do it every morning to hasten his growth.


The whole 30 minutes was too long for DA. He was getting unruly (and ticklish!) towards the end.


We ended the session with the staff taking note of his height. This was so we could monitor his progress.


All in all, it was a nice experience for DA, albeit the unruly and ticklish part! I liked it that the masseuse was very helpful in giving tips on how we can do some of the stretching on our own so that we can continue it even if we cannot drop by regularly. She was also generous in her explanations to help us understand the importance and benefits of such massage in young children.

They recommend this massage once or twice a week for best results.

So folks, better hold off that growth pill for a while, a little massage just might set our kiddos on the right track to vertical growth.

They offer this massage for P300/session but you can get a package of 10 sessions and they’ll give 2 additional sessions for FREE.

Do call them first to set an appointment though. We went there without announcement and though it was past 10AM already, they were still setting up – aircon was not yet open, etc., so we had to wait a while.

GF Platinum 1000 Bldg.
16 Annapolis St. Greenhills, San Juan
722 9828 ; 243 7790; 992 6389

15 thoughts on “Grow Taller with this Massage

  1. Hala, this is interesting! I knew there were slimming massages, but this is the first time I’ve heard of a massage to stimulate growth. I need to learn it haha!

  2. we massage my little boy’s legs naman to strengthen his muscles since medyo low muscle tone sya as advised by his doctors din… he loves being massaged but i don’t know much about the reflexology points sa toes… i never knew there’s a spa for kids na.. 😀

  3. I believe this has merit and I used to massage my kids when they were still babies. It’s also a nice way to spend time with them and t make them feel secure. I probably wouldn’t bring them to a place to do that and would rather d it myself though. Nice share!

  4. Our baby loves massage and it is so relsxing for her and she does sleep better. I’m definitely going to start using coconut oil. I found a great one at winco in the baking aisle and it says for skin and hair.

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