#healthisHappening Challenge Day 1

#HealthIsHappening Day1

As part of my volunteer work for Unilab Foundation’s #healthierPH (and my dream of owning an iPhone 5s!), I am joining #HealthIsHappening 21-day Healthy Habit Challenge.

What is it?

It’s basically a chronicle of your building a good and healthy habit for the next 21 days. Why 21? They say that it takes that long to build and maintain a habit. Wow, that long, huh?


1) Sign up for an account OR login using your Facebook account at www.unilabfoundation.org.

2) Go to the Volunteer Projects and click “Volunteer” at the #HealthIsHappening Volunteer Project.

3) Like the Unilab Foundation page on Facebook.

4) Create an album on your Facebook account entitled “#healthishappening”. Make sure it’s on public mode so we can check!

5) Think of a healthy habit that you want to create in 21 days! Every day for 21 days, post a photo showing your healthy commitment. Write a caption describing the habit. Remember the hashtags #healthierPH, #healthishappening, #[order of day], and tag Unilab Foundation’s official Facebook page.

Example: Drinking lemon water for a #healthierPH! #healthishappening #day3 @Unilab Foundation.

6) Upload the photos to your album so people in your Facebook network know what you’re up to – and give you words of encouragement. You can also “nominate” or tag them so they can also start their own healthy habits!

7) When you’ve completed your habit for 21 days, post the link to your album on Unilab Foundation Facebook page’s wall.

8) Five winners will get special prizes, and one winner will win an iPhone 5s! Winners will be announced on December 1st. Yay!

The Plan

I’ve decided to introduce a new and healthy habit everyday for the next 21 days, not only to myself, but to my kids as well. It’s especially good to form the habit for the kids as early as now so that they will be trained the healthy ways early on. There are just so many healthy practices that I want to make a habit of that I cannot wait for the next 21 days to introduce it. I thus plan to introduce a new one everyday but still enforce the previous one.  Example: Day 1:  exercise. Day 2- drink only water. By day 2, I will continue to do exercise plus also form the habit of drinking only water. This makes it a continuous effort, that by day 21, I would have formed a stable habit of exercise already while continue building the habit for the other 20 even after the challenge is over. Whew! Wonder if I can finish this!

Anyway, challenge accepted.

I will post a daily blog about it, instead of just posting photos, so that I can add more details.

Day 1

I used to set my alarm a little earlier to allot some time for sit-ups and other small workouts. Lately though, when my alarm goes off, I immediately grab my phone and start checking Facebook. Ugh! What a bad habit, right? I intend to do right by spending that time to do some actual workout instead of finger workouts. So yesterday morning, while I was doing some sit-ups on the floor (I was too lazy to get the mat), I didn’t realize that someone was already awake also and copying me. Good thing he kept at it long enough for me to take these photos! LOL! 🙂 I did just sit-ups but hopefully I can add some more to my workout routine. Oh, but that also means waking up extra early. Ugh! Anyway, that’s Day 1. Check back again for more! 🙂

#HealthIsHappening Day1

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