#healthisHappening Challenge Day 14



Day 14: Get DH into an Active Lifestyle

Whew! It’s been an overly busy week for me, what with the big move, getting settled in, and keeping up with the kids’ energies. Despite all that, I haven’t forgotten all about my healthy habit yet, albeit the lack of time to blog.

So anyway, for the longest time, I have been looking for a way to get DH into an active lifestyle. He is the type that can lie in bed the entire day, getting up only for CR breaks and for eating. Oh my, right?! His computer-based work does not help either. He would spend long hours in front of the computer working, finding respite in equally sedentary ways like playing the computer or watching movies. As a dutiful wife, I am thus tasked to get him out of this lifestyle in exchange for a more active one.

We have tried the gym before, applying for an annual membership, thinking that prepaying it would force him to go to the gym so as not to waste the membership. Fail! We’ve also tried swimming in the common pool just a few floors up. Another fail! Stair walking? Fail! Simple walking? Fail!

For the nth time, I am going to try again. Yesterday, I saw one of the neighbors mount her bike and called back to her kasambahay, Ate, iikot lang ako a!” (I’ll just go around). This gave me an idea. Maybe biking is the solution that I’ve been looking for. We can do it every weekend, just a few rounds to get those muscles working.

I mentioned this idea to DH a while ago and he said he’s game for it. We don’t own a bicycle yet though so that’s a problem. DH offered to check his old house (as in back when he was still small!) for the old ones that he and his siblings used. I decided to list it down as my healthy habit even if the bicycles aren’t here yet so that I can have it in writing. Having this Health is Happening Challenge really does help in enforcing the good habits that I want to form. 🙂

Hope this works! 🙂



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