#healthisHappening Challenge Day 20


Day 20: Take a Deep Breath

The only time that I remember to take deep breaths is when I feel overwhelmed.

A couple of days back, I was desperately cramming, trying to meet a deadline in the midst of the pile of things to do. My to-do list was getting longer by the day, I was in need of a design, I needed to work on a project, the house was a mess, the kids were awake. Whew! Feeling overwhelmed, I took deep breaths to calm my frantic heart. A few good breaths later, I felt calmer and saner. I was able to focus and actually start getting things done.

I feel that taking deep breaths do help a lot so I made this sign and stuck it where I can see it everyday.


Deep breathing is not only good for calming the nerves but it has health benefits like strengthening the lungs and the heart, improving posture, digestion, the quality of blood, the nervous system as well.

This is the breathing technique that I follow from Livestrong.com:

  • Breathe in through your nose. Exhale slowly through your nose while you count to five. Tighten or tense your abdominal muscles. At the end of your breath, pause for two counts, then inhale slowly while you count to five. Expand your belly as you breathe in. Close your eyes and repeat five to10 times.


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