#healthIsHappening Challenge Day 3


Day 3: Flossing

When DA had his first dental visit, the dentist recommended flossing his teeth already. Really? At such a young age? It’s to build a habit of it, the dentist said, so that when the permanent teeth come in, he would have included it in his daily oral habit already. Since they can’t do it themselves yet, that means the grownups (a.k.a. mom) have to do it for them. Oh boy!

Ms. lazy mom has’t been religiously flossing his teeth ever since. 😛 Now that I’m trying to build a healthy habit through this challenge, I shall include this in my list as well.

HealthIsHappening - Day3

We used to use this very kid-friendly floss variant. It’s called Plackers Kids. Each floss comes in a bright attractive color and is shaped like an animal (crab, monkey, elephant, dolphin). Best of all is, it’s flavored! I have tried it myself and it’s really yummy! Haha! It makes the whole flossing experience a fun and tasteful one. We got this pack as a gift so I don’t know where to get it here in the Philippines. Since I haven’t found a refill for these, we use the normal ORAL-B floss. He’s gotten to like it too and hasn’t been looking for these. Whew!

HealthIsHappening - Day3


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  1. Flossing is very important for teeth. All kinds of periodontal disease caused from plaque which can not be removed by brushing. Every children should floss their teeth beside brushing their teeth.

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