#healthIsHappening Challenge Day 7


Ooops! Missed my daily habit for the past few days.

I usually post my #healthIsHappening Challenge before I retire to bed at night but lately DS has had trouble sleeping because of his colds, which meant my hands were extra extra full.

When the kids get sick, my sleep tank goes into negative as well. If the kids can’t sleep, mommies can’t sleep too, you know. Now that DS is a bit better, I’m trying to slowly recover from my zombie mode.

Thus, my new healthy habit. Can this be on a whenever possible basis though? It’s really tough to follow when you’re a mom. 😛

Day 7: Get Enough Sleep


Alarm set for 8 hours and 6 minutes from now!!! Sounds heavenly, right?!

Ok, ciao for now! I have about 6 minutes to read and reread and reread my post. I’m so OC that way!


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