How to Manage COVID at Home


So COVID finally hit our home. It happened early July when Omicron cases were rising again in the metro. In this post, I’ll talk about the timeline, the symptoms, testing, and how we managed it at home.

Where it Came From

It’s very hard to pinpoint where exactly it was contracted. Below is the timeline of events leading up to the first symptom. In all of the cases below, there was no dining out so masks were kept on, except maybe when they were not properly worn. Gulp!

  • Monday: MIL, helper, and stay-in driver went out.
  • Tuesday: AM: Driver went to LTO (open air). PM: MIL, helper and driver went out again.
  • Wednesday: Driver reported sick. He attributed it to getting rained on. Hmm…
  • Thursday: Driver claims he feels better. So probably not COVID. Husband complains of sore throat. Probably unrelated.
  • Friday: 1AM: MIL came knocking looking for Paracetamol for her fever and sore throat. Uh-oh!


With three people with symptoms, there was very little doubt that it was COVID. Just to be sure, we tested with Abbott’s Rapid Antigen testing kit. Each test costs around P280. It’s a self-administering test that you can do at home.

Abbott Rapid Test Device

As it was my first time to administer the test, I tried it on the husband first. There was a lot of YouTube watching just to make sure I get it right. As expected, his test came out positive. We did not bother to test the others who have symptoms anymore.



Since we were all together in the same room when the husband first complained of sore throat, I thought there was very little that isolation could do. We’ve breathed the same air, shared the same of many things. Despite that, we still “isolated” anyway. He stayed in the same room while the kids and I moved into another room. FIL also stayed in a room downstairs, separate from MIL upstairs. It wasn’t strictly isolation though as I had to check on both patients from time to time in their rooms. Safety protocols wise, I certainly would have failed.

1-2 a Day

And so it was that each day one or two more of the unaffected became infected. FIL came down with a fever (although he was already having sore throat days before, he just didn’t inform anyone). Melon started with a headache, which eventually progressed into fever. The day after, it was the little girl.

False Negatives

By the 6th day, Cheese and I were the only ones who were still feeling okay. Out of curiosity, we each took the rapid antigen test. We wanted to find out if we were positive but asymptomatic or really negative. The tests came out.

False Negatives


I found that a bit alarming because just hours later, we would be feeling COVID’s wrath too. These days, there are many events and gatherings that require rapid antigen tests upon entrance. As in our case, if you don’t have symptoms, it will come out as negative, despite the fact that we have been exposed and are actually contagious already. Yikes!


So anyway, here’s a list of the symptoms that we had. Not everyone experienced all of the symptoms. Just to note, everyone has had their COVID-19 vaccine (Sinovac, Pfizer, Astrazeneca), even the little ones.

  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Colds
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Loss of smell
  • Body ache
  • Canker Sore

Vitamins, Medicine, and Others

To help our immune system, we took these vitamins and drank a lot of water.

Kids: Ceelin Plus wth Zinc / Chewies Immunolicious. Adults: Berocca / Chewies Immunolicious / Redoxon (but we ran out)

For the management of symptoms, these were the meds that we used/were prescribed. Please consult your own doctor for proper dosage.

FeverParacetamol (Biogesic / Calpol)
Ibuprofen (Dolan) for high fever
ColdsAlnix Plus
Dry CoughLevopront Syrup
Cough with PhlegmExpel SyrupFluimucil

Sore throat and cough during COVID is really bad. Gargling Aescuyte, a reformulated stabilized anolyte (like super-charged salt water) and taking Gingerbon (ginger chewy candies) really helped.

COVID and Kids

Although the kids were not spared of symptoms, they were built to fight COVID better. Their symptoms lasted only about 1 to 2 days, without any cough or colds thereafter. Amazing, right?

Thankfully, the current COVID variant is milder and more manageable now. Despite this, getting it is still a big hassle. It affects everyone in the household, impacting work, education, and lifestyle. It’s best not to catch it. Do take care, wear your masks properly and always wash your hands. Take care everyone!

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