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A couple of days ago, our kasambahay said that she will be leaving us already. When asked why, she just gave a vague “may aasikasuhin kasi ako” and did not explain further. I’ve since prodded her to say more but haven’t been successful. I have asked about the usual concerns like compensation, load work, rest, days-off, which she all denied to have issues with.

The situation has inspired me to come up with this list.

Top 10 Yaya Answers to the Question “O, bakit ka na aalis?”

10. Ma’am, wala po kasing mainit na tubig yung shower.

9. Ma’am, nalimutan niyo po kasi ako igreet sa birthday ko.

8. Ma’am, kasi po puro nalang meat ang ulam natin. E vegetarian po ako.

7. Ma’am, lagi nalang po kasi tayo nasa bahay, hindi man lang tayo nagmamalling. Diba may bagong bukas na mall dun sa…

6. Ma’am, kasi po allergic ako sa peanut butter, dapat po Nutella.

5. Ma’am, kasi po hindi umaabot sa kwarto namin yung WiFi.

4. Ma’am, hindi niyo po kasi ako finollow sa Twitter chaka sa Instagram.

3. Ma’am, kasi po ang agang gumising ni Junior, I need my beauty sleep!

2. Ma’am, kasi po ang sarap ng luto niyo, it’s ruining my diet!

1. Ma’am, LCD TV lang po kasi yung TV sa kwarto namin, e sa kaptibahay, Smart TV na!

So, which is it, yaya??


25 thoughts on “Top 10 Yaya Answers

  1. Nakakaloka diba? Nako, whenever a helper says the line na magpapaaalam na sila. I just let them go. I learned not to ask anymore because they never give you an honest answer anyway.

    Loved your humor on this, though!

    Love, Didi

      1. only a couple of months. the one before her (who was actually the mother of the one still remaining) lasted a year. I hope this won’t be the start of a string of short-term yayas or worse, no yayas at all! let me know kung may mahanap kang extra 😀

  2. Hi, guys!
    Based on our experienced ang hirap na humanap ng yaya na mapagkakatiwalaan. Tayo pa nga ang nag aadjust sa kanila most of the time. 7 months pa lng kami sa aming new place nka dalawang helper na kami. Most of the time isa akong “Multitasking Mom’ with 2 kids. naku! goodluck to me. 😉
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