How to Make a Hands-on Activity on the Digestive System


Whew! We’re finally done with the first quarter and the portfolio review last week. I’ve managed to take some time off to share some of our activities. 🙂

One of the things that we did was this hands-on activity on the digestive system. What made it fun, apart from it being a hands on experience, is the poop part in the end. Boys, in particular, would very much enjoy it!


  • Food (We used stale chips and bananas. Bananas work very well!)
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Zipper bags
  • Old stockings
  • Plastic cup (make a hole at the bottom)
  • Another cup to act as plunger


Digestion begins in the mouth as our teeth chew the food into smaller pieces. This is modelled with the scissors cutting (chewing) the food.

Cutting food with our teeth

Water acts like the saliva that wets and softens the food. The zipper bag represents the stomach.

Saliva gets added into the food


Inside the stomach are acids that help in the digestion. This is represented by the vinegar. Zip it up, it’s about to smell sour!

Stomach acids help in the digestion

The boys squished and squashed their “stomach” zippies as our stomachs would during digestion.

Chug and churn inside the stomach


After the stomach, the digested food or chyme travels to the intestines next, beginning with the small intestines. This was the stocking in our activity. Make the chyme travel back up the other way to represent the large intestines. The water that leaks out from the stocking is like water that gets absorbed by the body from the food that we eat.

Off to the intestines


Squeeze the chyme out into the cup with the hole at the bottom. This will be the rectum where the waste rests until it’s ready to be pushed out.

To the rectum we go

And for the exciting part! Push it out! Use another cup to use it as a plunger to “push the poop” out.

Now push it out!

Ewwwww, right?! Plus fun. Ewwww plus fun! It was a stinky mess afterwards. You can do it directly in the toilet and flush afterwards for a swifter cleanup.



Lastly, we did the identification of the body/digestive system parts. For better recall, I traced the “insides” on their shirts with fabric markers and had them label the parts. It turned out pretty nice that even the husband and I wanted one for ourselves!

Body system t-shirts

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