5 Reasons Why I Love Attending Weddings



While everyone was busy catching a glimpse of the Pope in the Metro, we slipped away to attend a friend’s wedding. It was a beautiful one and it reminded me of the many things that I love about weddings. Here are five reasons why I love attending them, wedding receptions in particular.

1. Mandatory Date Night

Since we’ve had kids, the husband and I rarely go out on dates. We’ve recently tried to pick things up by setting a weekly date night just for the two of us. After just a couple though, the idea was ditched.  Date nights seem like an indulgent luxury of the past, what with a new sitter and all.

Having to attend weddings however, is more mandatory than optional. For social reasons thus, we get that free pass to go get dressed, look nice, go out and have fun.

Without the kids.

It’s a refreshing change, it’s guiltless and it’s free. Well, sort of.

2. That Feel-Good Thing

Undeniably, weddings are celebrations of love. Love is literally everywhere, in the ceremony, in the party and much more so in the way the newlyweds look at each other. Well that is, if they’re not busy exchanging nervous glances. 

Yet more love abound in the well-preppared AVPs, same-day-edits and guest testimonies. Watching the videos and hearing about the couple’s love story feel like romantic movies coming to life.

Simple, inspiring, purely feel-good stuff.

3. Nuggets of Wisdom

That part where a lot of guests sleep through, I actually look forward to. It’s when dear friends and family of the couple take the microphone and start educating the newlyweds with gifts of wisdom.

We might have had our fair share of this in our own wedding but those pieces of advice were all but forgotten. Barely 24 hours of being married, words like choose your battles and don’t go to bed on an argument meant little to lovey-dovey, honeymoon bound couples.

Not however, when you’ve been there and done that. You actually see the truth in those words and look forward to hearing more and nodding your head in constant agreement.

4. More than just Congrats

I’ve been that bride once who couldn’t stop fussing over every last detail of her wedding. When it was finally over, there was a great sense of accomplishment, so much more so when guests started congratulating us for a job well done. It was a great feeling and I intend to pass it on, sending my felicitations where they are due.

On that weekend wedding, apart from the usual congratulations, I gave the bride a warm hug and commended her for such a lovely wedding. It was a simple act but it should be enough for her to heave a contented sigh of relief.

Believe me, I know. 

5. A Time to Reminisce

Whenever we get home from weddings, it has been the tradition for the husband to open the TV and play our own same-day-edit video. It’s but a short clip (we’d probably sleep through it if it were longer) but it’s long enough for us to reminisce on and have a good laugh about that meaningful day.

It started that one time and has become a tradition ever since. We’ve done it when it was just us two. We’ve done it when there were three. And then last weekend, there were four. It was the first time that the youngest saw it and he was aĺl smiles when he saw us up on the big screen. They’d probably get tired of watching it after a few times but in the meantime, we’d enjoy the moment.

Cheers to more weddings and happy gatherings. 🙂


18 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Love Attending Weddings

  1. Yup I love weddings too… And I agree when you say it gives us a ‘feel good’ state of mind… Every happy occasion in a family life is not only welcoming it gives lasting memory to cherish when we get old.. Tnx for sharing!

  2. I always get teary eyed during weddings, especially if it’s one of my friends who got married and I know their love story very well. Definitely makes me and my partner remember our vows during our big day.

  3. I found myself nodding at every item in your list. So true! Though I remember attending the wedding of my best friend with my partner and we had to excuse ourselves for me to pump milk! 😀

  4. When people wed, they’re proclaiming to everyone present their love for each other, and they’re sharing their happiness and their journey together to those dear to them. That’s what makes weddings special, and that’s why weddings make me cry.

  5. I love weddings too! However, the last one I attended was two years ago. Most of my friends are already married so all I attend these days are kiddie parties. Haha!

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