Dear 4AM Parent



To you who got the number 1 slot in the school registration last Saturday, congratulations!

While the rest of us were still in deep slumber, you slipped away at the crack of dawn, went to your child’s soon-to-be nursery school and fell in line, surprising even the oldest of the security staff. As far as they know, no one has ever come that early before for enrolment.

You must really want that AM slot, huh?

You must have your reasons of course, just like all the other 40 or so parents in there. While they fought tooth and nail (I’m not sure how ugly it went but poor teachers…) for the much coveted AM slot, you must have calmly made your way out, smiling smugly with the thought “the early bird sure catches the worm!” at the tip of your tongue.

You are quite famous already, if you must know. In all the conversations that I’ve overhead, there was always this dialogue:
Have you heard? The one who got the first number fell in line at 4am!
What?! Really?? And here I thought I was early already!

Why though?

Why did you have to set the bar up so high? Yours will now be the standard time that all the next batches of parents will have to live up to just to secure the much coveted slot. When asked about what time they can line up for enrolment, the guards and the admissions people will now have something new to say, “If you must know, a parent had come here as early as 4AM to line up.” And that alone will send shivers down the new parent’s spine.

I’m just glad that I didn’t have to hear it.

I wonder if I’ll ever meet you and get the chance to be parent-friends with you, 4AM parent/guardian. I wonder if our kids will be friends. I wonder what you’ll think of those of us who came at the end of the line.

Anyway, should our paths not cross, I will surely be on the lookout for the ultimate stage mom or stage dad in school because I’m positive that it’s going to be you. πŸ™‚

– Number 53

27 thoughts on “Dear 4AM Parent

  1. OMG OA! nakakairita nga siya! we had to line up at 1 AM back in college para sure na sure na pero naman, we really needed that class at graduating kami that sem. but this is nursery! hhmm, baka dapat draw lots na lang πŸ˜€

  2. What? Ganun na ba ngayon? I couldn’t blame her, though, if ganun kahigpit ang labanan for slots. Is the scheduling really that strict? I guess we’ll stick to homeschooling then hehe

    1. Baka one of the reasons is kung may sibling na nasa morning slot, mas ideal nga kung morning na din para sabay. Although, dapat is they have priority already.

  3. Hahaha! Now I know I’m not alone…
    Last 2 school-year, we also failed getting the morning slot as 7am is already late, I end up getting somewhere between #40 and #50. Last year, they change the system and used online registration which starts at 9am and I still get #33.
    I commend those early bird parents!

  4. I’ll be enrolling my eldest this coming schoolyear but I don’t think I can wake up at 3am and line up at 4 in school. Hehehe. OA sa aga :))

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