Gone too Soon


A few days ago, a friend of ours lost his young wife.

She was but 32.

Barely two years of being married, they were the picturesque husband and wife. They had enough sweetness to fill the pages of romance novels, they had enough kilig (giddy) moments to overthrow John Lloyd and Bea (or insert your own favorite love team here).

Like in the movies however, their story took a very dramatic, even tragic turn.

While 4 months pregnant with their first baby, his wife was diagnosed with myocarditis. Unable to take meds due to her pregnancy,  she chose the more prudent path and became keen and more careful with her health. Everything seemed fine until that one day when she complained of difficulty breathing, of stomach pains, among other things. She was taken straight to the ER, where an emergency C-Section was ordered. It was still a couple of weeks short of her due date but there was the urgency to save the baby inside as the mother’s health rapidly deteriorated.

With God’s guidance, both mom and baby were saved that day.

She would stay a couple more weeks in the hospital before being allowed to go home. The new parents were overjoyed and were more than eager to start their new life as a new family of three.

After just four days of being home and spending time with her new baby, the new mom was again rushed to the emergency room, this time with no pulse. Though the doctors were able to revive her, she would flatline many more times after that. She put up a good fight, not yet ready for what her frail heart was suggesting. However difficult, her body stretched to its final limit and gave up.

As much a shock as it is to everyone, so much more so to the broken husband she left behind.

How do you comfort someone who’s been through that much? What do you say to make him feel that mornings are still worth waking up for? That life is still worth living for?

I don’t know.

Maybe, just maybe, these prayers can help.

1. Strength. May you have the strength to open your cried-out eyes and face a brand new day each morning. May you be strong enough to look past the void and embrace the new gift that the Lord has bestowed upon you.

2. Support Group. May you have enough friends and family to turn to to ask for help in caring for your new bundle of joy. It’s no easy task and you will surely need all the help that you can get. Call them to ask about how to defrost the donated breastmilk, message them on what diaper brands to get, knock on their doors just to show them your baby girl’s beautiful smile. Go ahead, I’m sure they won’t mind. πŸ™‚

3. Peace. May you find answers to the many questions that you have at the back of your mind. May you get past the unfairness of it all and find peace and joy.

4. Love. May you have love – receive enough of it and give much more to your little one who needs twice as much.

5. Patience. May you have enough of it to care for a baby amidst your own ordeal. May you have the patience to pick her up, cradle her, talk to her, sing to her, read to her. You just might realize that you need it as much as she does.

6. Memories. May you make new memories and hold on to old ones. May that single mother-daughter photo that you were able to capture spawn more father-daughter photo-worthy moments enough to last a lifetime. May your wife’s memory always live in your hearts and in your lives.

21 thoughts on “Gone too Soon

  1. Aww! No words are enough to comfort him. I pray for more strength so he can accept and move on with his life. The baby needs him.

  2. It is so hard to say goodbye especially if you know that there is no chance that person will ever be with you again. πŸ™ prayers will keep you through it.

  3. I feel sad reading your friend’s story. Kaya nga sabi nila, when a woman gets pregnant & gives birth, half of her feet is already planted 6ft below the ground. Kasi you put your own life at risk. It’s hard sometimes to understand why the people we love the most are the ones taken away. But we’ve just only had to trust God with his plans.

  4. There are no words. All that friends, even relatives, can do is be there for them. For someone who recently lost someone, nothing was more comforting than for friends to show up and just be there.

  5. Just reading this I felt a lump on my throat- so tragic and so soon. Sometimes we cannot understand and no matter how hard we try we just can’t. Sometimes it best not to say a word but instead make a grieving friend feel that he is not alone and you can somewhat sense his sadness. Time heals all wounds as they say and by God’s perfect timing he (husband) will soon recover. Pray and never lose faith

  6. Super sad. πŸ™ At the same time, kinabahan ako because I’m pregnant with baby bunso. (2nd pregnancy – Scheduled CS) I just trust the Lord that he will guide and protect me and baby bunso on the day na lalabas na sya. I hope the husband stay strong for the baby.

  7. Oh my goodness, how young. Death is something we can never be prepared for, much more if it seems premature. Good is good. He will take care of the ones she left behind.

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