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Several months ago, I received a call on our landline from an agent saying that for being a PLDT subscriber, my name had been chosen in their raffle and that I have won a prize. I was not familiar with the prize though, it sounded like some sort of card. She went on to say that I have to pick it up at Homesonic of the nearest Starmall, giving me a code for confirmation. She added that I have to bring an ID to be presented to claim my prize and that I have to do it within 2 days or it will be forfeited.

I did let her finish her spiel and jotted down the confirmation code but forgot all about it the next day.

It all came back to me again when the same thing happened to FIL. Late last month, he received the same call on his mobile phone with someone saying that he had won a gadget for being a Globe subscriber. When he was asked to jot down the confirmation code, he handed the phone to me as he had trouble writing it down. I dutifully wrote down what the agent said, not knowing who I was talking with. When I heard the same spiel about having to go to Homesonic of the nearest Starmall however, warning bells started to ring in my head.

It was the same thing, Homesonic, bring ID, claim within 2 days.

Nee-naw! Nee-naw! Nee-naw! The warning bells grew louder.

I quickly hung up and fired up Google to search about it.

The first word that Google suggested as a continuation with Homesonic is SCAM! LOL!

How They Scam You

I’ve read so many blogs and related posts on the topic and based on their experiences, this is basically how they do it:

  • When you go to their store (whether it’s because you’re there to claim your prize or you just happen to walk by) thye’d ask you to pick a prize from an envelope
  • You’re sure to win a 2K GC everytime.
  • They’d add that you also won other appliances, amounting to as much as 150K (massage chair, beauty appliances, etc.)
  • You get to choose one item, which you have to pay for (less the 2K from the GC won) to be able to take home all that you have won
  • The prices of all the appliances there are atrociously sky-high though (e.g. 55K for a rice cooker!) so you would of course say no
  • They will do everything they can to persuade you to pay up. They’d convince you to open up your wallet to check for a credit card (Don’t ever give it to them!). They’d close in on you, bombard you with suggestions. They’d basically overwhelm (harass) you that you’d feel confused and eventually agree.
  • You would then end up taking home appliances you don’t really need that you have paid for at absurdly high prices.

Since 2008

What’s scary is this has gone on since as early as 2008 and they are still at it 6 years later. A lot of people have already fallen victim to it. They have operated under different names like AOWA, Homesonic, and Hilton. They usually operate in smaller malls and are said to be in Home Depots as well.

How to Spot a Scam

Admittedly, the first time they called me about it, I did not immediately see the telltale signs of a scam. It’s a good thing that the prize wasn’t attractive enough for me to warrant a trip there. So how do you spot a scam?

  • Inconsistency. They said that it was because I was a PLDT subscriber that I won but they’re asking me to claim the prize from Homesonic. Should it not be at a PLDT office?
  • Respond Immediately. I had to claim the prize within 2 days or else it was forfeited, they said. If it were legitimate, I should have been given about a month’s time to claim the prize (unless they were movie/concert tickets).
  • Suspicious Claiming Centers. It seemed suspicious that they were asking to claim it only at a certain mall and not a popular one at that.
  • You did not enter anything but you won something. It might not always be a scam though because like in our case, we won tickets to a Mariah Carey concert care of a phone company just by being subscribers. We were actually not aware that we were eligible until we received a call that we won. The important thing about this is to call up the company to verify it first.

I hope that we can all be wary of scammers and not fall victim to them. Knowledge is power. Share this to your friends and loved ones.

37 thoughts on “Homesonic Scam

    1. I was almost a victim of this. They say I won hotel accommodations so it interests me. Tapos pagdating dun binebentahan kami ng “loyalty card/pass” that costs around 15K! Muntik na kami kasi my friend who’s with me wanted it. Buti nalang ako, kuripot na tunay. I said NO. We were given the free accommodation nga but we never got to use it dahil sa 1001 rules on how to use it. Parang ayaw talaga ipagamit!!

  1. Ui I know about this! We have been called din and since we’re not familiar with them, we actually went to the store. But nothing happened because everything reeked of a scam. The sad thing is that they’re able to get some people’s credit cards and charge them for purchases of appliances! Nakakaloka.

    1. Good thing you were able to get away! Yes, I’ve also read of cases when they tried to get people’s credit cards and just swiped it outright. Yikes!

  2. Glad to hear that you didn’t fall prey to their scam. Imagine they’ve been doing this for 6 years now! What has DTI been doing about this?

  3. I also received the same call that I won, the caller just keep on talking and I stopped her and I told her that I’m not interested sabay baba sa kin ng phone. #unprofessional I love joining giveaways but if I won without without joining anything, it sounds suspicious and scam to me.

  4. I also received the same call that I won, the caller just keep on talking and I stopped her and I told her that I’m not interested sabay baba sa kin ng phone. #unprofessional I love joining giveaways but if I won without joining anything, it sounds suspicious and scam to me..

  5. Iba na talaga ang panahon ngayon. Moral lesson of the story: don’t get too excited when someone calls and tells you that you won something, especially when wala ka naman sinalihan 🙂

    1. Actually, last time the one that called FIL about the concert tickets was legit naman. We didn’t join anything din but it turned out for real. So yung 2nd time when someone called FIL again, naisip niya baka totoo again.

  6. Wooo, I’ve had a lot of these tricks and scams before that’s why I do not take calls from unfamiliar numbers. They have to text me first or else, deadma talaga hihihi

  7. 2015 na at nag ooperate pa rin sila. Just received the same call awhile ago and after our “gaguhan” talkhere I am. Just came across this blog and so I thought scam nga. Buti na lang I gave the caller a different name and a different address. Gusto ko pa nga ibigay na tawi tawi ang place ko nung tinanong nya saan ako kaso baka matawa ako ng sobra. Sana nga wala na silang mabiktima tsk!

  8. dapat po maikalat to hindi lang dito dahil walang nangyayari, at isama din sa reklamo yang mall dahil hinahayaan lang nila sa dami nang nagrereklamo dito.. malaki po ang rental ng mall kaya un ang dahilan kung bakit hindi nila sinasara ang shop na yan! ang mall ay walang pakialam sa mga tao gusto lang nila ang kumita sila hindi nila inisip ang kapakanan ng mga namimili dyan…

  9. para malaman din po ng mga tao dito lahat ng customer nila ay hinihingian ng ID’s para pagbukas ng wallet makikita nila kung may credit card ka o kung anu mang makikitaan ka nila ng pamibili ng mga producto nila, pinakamababang binibenta nila 60,900 kaya kung pagpunta nyo dun hindi nila kayo idadaan sa proseso nila ng pagbebenta kung wala silang makita sayo ng anu mang oportunidad na makabili ng mga producto nila kaya bibigyan ka lang nila ng libre para hindi ka makapagreklamo, pero malakit sa kalooban lalo na sa mga natawagan galing pa ng malayong lugar tapos pagdating dun bibigyan ka lang ng card na kung saan gawa gawa lang nila o hindi epektibo..

  10. hi
    I just got a call 30 minutes ago the details you’ve share are the same what the sales representative told me. Thank you for your blog! and share.
    GOD bless 🙂

  11. pasensya na kau pero nagwowork ako dyan dati…ung AOWA is another company which is iba na name ngaun… then ung perfect health at homesonic at arysta ay iisa lang… maliit lang sahod dyan at pipilitin ka makabenta kahit sa maling paraan… ang may ari nyan ay limang chinese..isa dyan ay si David Baula bingot ata un, then may isa pang david… over priced mga items dyan kasi may commission ung dealer na nag abot ng flyers, ung manager at supervisor ng store, ung manager ng region, at iba pa… basta madaming nangongomisyon dyan… lahat ng empleyado dyan ay mga skwater kaya nagtitiis..ako umalis nko kasi hindi ko na kaya mga pinapagawa samin ng mga gagong yan… at hindi din nakakatulong ung work experience na yan kasi sirang sira na sila… ayun…
    basta kapag may nag abot sa inyo ng flyers tapos nanalo kayo kuno pero may dapat kaung bilhin…asahan nyo either perfect health, homesonic,aowa,HOFFMAN, Hilton, o arysta lang yan… iniiba lang nila pangalan pero iisa lang strategy nyan…. 2005 ako nagwork dito so ang tagal na ng kalokohan nila noh…

    1. Hello. Slmat po sa info. Khit nakka lungkot lng na negative pla company na to dahil bukas e for deployment na ko as a manager trainee s Home Sonic. Isa pa tong agency ko ang sarap pag untog untugin mga tauhan nito. Well at least nlaman ko ng mas maaga pa . Thanks po sa info at sa blogger. God bless po

  12. I just got a call from Homesomic a while ago with the same spiel. I got curious and try to google the stores the caller mentioned to check if it is legit then i found this blog. Thank you so much.

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