The One about the Donation


Someone asked for my help and I refused. And that’s a first.

A couple of days ago, out of nowhere, a friend chatted me up on social media. It started with a big, big congratulations on the baby, which I found odd as it’s been almost four months since I gave birth. Still, I thanked her politely and got curious as to where the conversation was headed. Β She then asked if I was breastfeeding and even asked about my location.

I would later learn that she was asking for breastmilk donations for her friend’s premature babies.

The questions about breastfeeding and location suddenly made sense.

I would gladly have given her what little I have had the conversation not been reeked with insincerity from the start. Even when it came right down to asking, it sounded demanding. It didn’t elicit sympathy but disgust.

I felt offended so I said no.

I shared the incident with the husband the following day. He said that I was probably overreacting as he sometimes takes the same approach in his business deals. That’s just it, business deals, which this was not supposed to be.

I have since buried the incident at the back of my mind. Until today.

Today, someone came to pick up some frozen breastmilk that I’ve already promised before. I don’t actually know the person. It was just some random mom asking online for donations for her premature twins. Without a moment’s hesitation, I had offered the few bags that I have in the freezer.

It made me think about the other premature babies that needed help that I had refused to give to.

Because I was offended. Because I was hurt. Because I…

I realized that it was all about me and not about those poor babies struggling to survive.

While preparing the frozen bags that were to be picked up, I saved half.

I then sent a message to the friend who chatted with me.

Hey, you know what…


4 thoughts on “The One about the Donation

  1. Admirable decision. I may have reacted the same. But at the end of the day, it’s not the one who requested but those who would
    benefit. Thank you for sharing. I just hope I would have more milk to produce, too, and be of help as well.

  2. Great post. I’m glad you thought of getting in touch with your other friend as well. I also agree that in the end, it’s about the one who would benefit that matters. Although a little politeness from that person would have helped. πŸ˜‰

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