What’s Up with Me

I haven’t done a post in a while which had my brother asking what I’ve been up to lately. Aww, someone misses me… Haha! 

Anyway, so here’s a quick update to those who are concerned. 🙂

  • So excited about the photoshoot that I prepared for it the whole week. I did manage to squeeze in making this diaper motorcycle gift for a baby shower that we would attend on Saturday (Feb 07) though. So nice, isn’t it? DA, being DA, had a go with it right after I finished it.


  • Did a photoshoot last Friday (Feb 06) for DA’s school yearbook. It’s like DA multiplied by 10, what with all the excitement, not to mention tantrums! Super exhausted afterwards. Another session on Wednesday, need to tank up on my energy. Here’s a sample.

  • Got colds and sore throat during the weekend. Binged on so many throat unfriendly food. Body’s still sore. Hoping that this combo will help me get back to my feet in no time.


  • DA’s got the pink eye (sore eyes)! Ugh!!! One of his classmates had it first though that classmate did not go to school for the prescribed 5 days already. The doctor that we went to a while ago however, said that the virus is still there up till 3 weeks! So if that student happens to rub his eyes and touch someone… Oh well, I’ll just be mommy teacher for a while. 😉


  • Learned that I had won a little something from a giveaway. Yey!! Still no update on my 1 year supply of Huggies though. Awww…

Thats’ it for now. 


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