When I Became the Mommy Monster


I’ve always thought that I was doing a good job (not a perfect one but good enough) parenting the two boys.

That is, until baby number 3 came along.

Suddenly, everything was out of control.

The boys seemed to have grown fangs and tails overnight. Bad behaviour resurfaced, good manners forgotten.

That, coupled with a new baby, the intense summer heat, and the lack of sleep, had turned me into a nagging, shouting, angry momster.

“Fix your toys! Fasterrrr!”


“Stop crying! Stop whining!”

“Do your homework!”

My being a momster was not lost on me, nor the kids. “Mommy, why are you always angry?”, the younger boy often asked.

It wasn’t fair to take everything out on them, I knew. I wasn’t giving them enough attention as I’d used to. There was no more story time, no more tell-me-about-your-day time, no more just-being-silly time, no more quality mommy time.

I bet their little minds were taking it to heart. I bet they’re starting to hate mom. I bet they’re equating mom to the not fun things like homework and chores. I wonder if it was reversible. I wonder if they still remember that I still love them despite all of those. I wonder…

As if reading my thoughts, small arms suddenly wrapped around my neck, interrupting my thoughts, “I love you!”

It was the younger boy.

Surprised to still hear those words despite always shouting at them, I asked why.

“Because you gave us a baby and because I like your face (LOL!) !”

The older boy soon chipped in, “And because we ride the bike together (can you imagine all three of us in a 2-wheel bike under the scorching sun?) and because you cook yummy macaroni with cheese and the beef with egg (gyudon) for us and the mango cake and also…also…because you’re mommy!”

Awww, I love you guys too! I will always try my best to give everyone their much deserved #KalidadNaAlaga. And that’s a promise! 🙂

And just like that, everything was right again.

This reminded me of a video I’ve seen on Facebook by FERN-C kidz that says it’s not always easy to give the best to our kids, but know that our best will always be enough for them. Here it is. Be sure to get your hankies ready!

FERN-C kidz

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5 thoughts on “When I Became the Mommy Monster

  1. Haha Anne! I like your article & don’t worry you’re doing very fine 🙂 Happy Mother’s day to you & your mom 🙂

  2. Aw! Ang sweet naman ng boys mo! Sometimes di talaga maiwasan na maging momster tayo lalo na pag pagod + puyat mahirap mag control sa sarili. I like Fern C. Mu hubby and I every time na may ubo kami yan agad ang binibili namin effective kasi. Pero yung pang kids di pa namin na try kay Zd.

  3. Hugs. Being a mommy is tough, and you have to add pa the fact na we think most of the time na we are not doing enough. But I guess you are… we are. Nakakatuwa lang how our mind things so much complicated things and our little kids will simplify it. 🙂

  4. When I learned of my fifth pregnancy, I turned to a monster mom as well. I would easily be irritated and often, I blame hormonal imbalance. But I noticed shouting and always being angry have become my past time that I don’t like it anymore. I know ive been hurting my boys and they begin to fear me. I prayed sincerely and asked for guidance. Now, I always put in mind that I love my boys and they do not deserve having a monster mom. I am slowly changing and I hope I be forever patient with them the same way they are to their mom.

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