5 Products that Help Keep the Family Healthy


Happy birthday to me!

I’m feeling under the weather though. Boohoo!

If I were to make my birthday wish now, I’d wish for good health for me and the family. With that said, I am joining Shopback’s promo of Win a Wish from Shopback and I’m making a list of items to help keep the family healthy.

About Shopback

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My Wishlist

So anyway, back to my list. I’ve listed down 5 items to help keep the family healthy. The flu has been going around and frankly, I’m tired of taking care of everybody while being sick myself so hopefully, one of these will help me in my plight.

5 Products that Help Keep the Family Healthy


1. Crane Zeke The Martian Cool Mist Humidifier

  • Available at: Lazada
  • Why I need one: Because cough and colds are aggravated with the dry air caused by air conditioning. With a humidifier (and a cute one at that!), moisture is added back into the air, thus lessening the ill effects of dry air. Achoo! Achoo!
  • Price: P3,499.75
  • Cashback Earned: As much as P139.99

2. Air Free P40 Air Purifier

  • Available at: Lazada
  • Why I need one: Airfree air purifiers are effective against bacteria, viruses, mildew, mould, dust mite allergens, pet allergens, pollen and tobacco odours. These are the ones used in hospitals and clinics so they are highly effective. Oooh, I so need this to prevent the kids from getting sick!
  • Price: P10,000 and up (depending on room size)
  • Cashback Earned: As much as P400

3. Westinghouse Air Fryer

  • Available at: Lazada
  • Why I need one: A mom friend of mine has been recommending air fryers to me for the longest time. Since the kids are a big fan of fries and fried chicken and actually anything fried, I think this is a good investment. We all want the crispy yumminess minus all that oil, right? Now, even FIL has been telling me about the air fryer ad that he saw on TV!
  • Price: P10,500
  • Cashback Earned: As much as P420

4. Fujidenzo 65L Infrared Tableware Sterilizer

  • Available at: Lazada
  • Why I need one: Another mom friend has been raving about her infrared sterilizer at home. I don’t know the exact model but I found a similar kind with Fujidenzo. She’s been saying that using it is so much cleaner and more hygienic than leaving tableware to dry. Oh yes, I remember how we just wipe the tableware with rags to dry them faster. Can you imagine how “clean” those rags are? Anyway, this sterilizer is even safe for baby’s utensils! No need to have a separate sterilizer for baby!
  • Price: P8,000
  • Cashback Earned: As much as P320

5. Samsung Microwave Oven 28L

  • Available at: Samsung at Lazada
  • Why I need one: This is actually not supposed to be on the list but because our microwave broke down, I had to include it. We’re using the super older one right now. It’s a hit and miss with it as it sometimes buzzes and causes sparks. Scary, right? Plus, someone told me once that when there’s an opening already on the walls of the microwave, radiation may spill out. That sounded really scary. It’s about time we change to a new one already, for all our sake.
  • Price: P7,300
  • Cashback Earned: As much as P292

There, that’s my list. It’s such a tita list, I know, but when you’re a mom already, your family’s health is really more important than anything else.

How about you, do you want to share your own wishlist? Shopback’s promo is until September 1 only so hurry! 😀

2 thoughts on “5 Products that Help Keep the Family Healthy

  1. Hi. I super agree with the mist humidifier. The air purifier is optional because I think kids need to build and develop their second especially third line of defense. The microwave… I wonder if it’s true what I heard about microwave ovens changing some chemical compositions of food and potentially may be unhealthy.

    Shopping wise, the rebate is good. As always, compare prices with physical stores and know how warranty and service works for both mediums.

  2. Thanks for sharing this list! I can’t relate much to the items. Most of ’em, I haven’t heard before. Maybe it’s because I’ve moved out of our house for 4 years now. what I truly value are anything portable. A Microwave though, would help the lazy cook!

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