5 Reasons to Watch (and Rewatch) CLOY


If you still haven’t heard of CLOY or Crash Landing on You, which rock have you been under??

For the uninitiated, Crash Landing on You is a 2019-2020 Korean TV series that is about a South Korean heiress who crash landed into North Korea while on a paragliding trip. There, she would meet Ri Jeong-hyuk, a North Korean army officer and the two would eventually fall in love. How the two can manage to be together in such a precarious situation will be enough to keep you hitting that Next Episode button.

Apart from the interesting plot, here are 5 more reasons Crash Landing on You will keep you up all night making a promise that you’d end up breaking, just one more episode!

1. Because it’s Hyun Bin & Son Ye-Jin

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I must admit, I’ve never heard of their names before watching. 16 episodes later though, I can’t get enough of them! Apart from being swoon worthy, they seem to fit perfectly into their roles, not to mention each other’s arms. Catching a glimpse of their scenes together is reason enough for you to watch the show again and again. And again.

2. Because it will make your heart skip a beat

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The story builds up so much anticipation that you will hold your breath the moment it finally happens. And it’s done beautifully, the scene is bright, the music plays, motion slowed, emotions high. Kiliggggg! Savor every second of it because it will be a few more episodes before the next one.

3. Because it will make you laugh

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Yes, it’s full of drama. It will make you cry buckets, which is why it’s so good, but it will also make you laugh your heart out. This roller coaster ride of emotions will make you look crazy to your housemates so warn them ahead. Watch out for Captain Ri’s team (left), Dan’s mom (right) and many other funny characters.

4. Because it will make you believe in destiny

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At least while you’re watching. The story’s twists, turns, and unexpected revelations are so beautiful that you’d want to believe in destiny. A person can really be meant for you and that invisible hand and time will make sure of it. Oh, be sure to watch every episode until the end, not just when the scene turns into an artwork. The exciting revelations happen on those last few minutes.

5. Because it’s worth it

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16 episodes at around 90 minutes each. That’s roughly 24 full hours of your life. It’s all worth it though. It won’t be Netflix’s top grossing film for no reason. After watching, you’ll be wearing a silly smile on your face and everyone will notice. And it’s not bad. You’ll be smiling more, hugging more, and loving more because of it.

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