Attipas, Scientifically Designed Shoes for your Little Ones

Attipas Shoes

Attipas Shoes

Wonder what to call these cuties?

Socks or Shoes?

or Sock-shoes?

or Shoe-Socks?

They’re called Attipas. In Korean, atti means My Precious Friend; in French, pas means Step. It thus translates to My Precious Friend’s Step.

Who else could the precious friends be but our dear little ones? Why, these shoes were designed just for them! After 7 years of cooperative research & development with the Cognitive Behavioral Development Center of Seoul University, Attipas was born.

Based on their R&D, this is how Attipas shoes help in toddlers’ walking:

  • Help brain development by allowing toddlers to feel the sole of their shoes and toe movements
  • Enable steady and stable walking pattern
  • Help correct toddlers’ walking behavior by evenly distributing foot pressure

Fascinated by all the scientific background, I was elated when our darling friends from Attipas Philippines sent me a pair for review. We get to actually try it out! Yey! 🙂

Not New to Me

The concept of socks and shoes in one is actually not new to me as back when DA was younger, he was also gifted a similar one. It was a different brand though. Upon receiving our Attipas shoes, I immediately saw how I will like Attipas better than the other brand. These are some of the nice things about Attipas:

  • Breathable. One very striking difference between the other brand and Attipas is the presence of holes on the latter’s soles. If you will care to smell DA’s shoes before, you would have fainted from the foul odour! It must be that his feet were really sweaty and it did not help that there was no way to release all that heat and sweat. DS, on the other hand, has tried Attipas and although there is that feet smell, it isn’t anywhere as bad as when there are no holes in the shoes.

Attipas Shoes

  • Lightweight. Upon holding up the two pairs of shoes, common sense told me that the other brand is definitely heavier than Attipas. I still took out my luggage weighing scale anyway, just to be sure. True enough, Attipas came out 40 grams lighter than the other brand which is actually a size smaller. Who would want to be burdened with a heavy load on their feet? Definitely not our babies and toddlers!
  • Easy to Wash and Dry. One time, we were out grocery shopping when DS decided to do number 2. By the time we reached the public restroom, there was already a smelly mess in his diaper. In my haste to get it off of him, I forgot to remove his shoes first! Yikes! I ended up having to wash his Attipas also. He couldn’t very well wear them while they’re wet though. Good thing there was a hand dryer in the restroom and a quick dry later, his Attipas were good to go! 🙂
  • Big Toe Box. This may look like a Ronald McDonald shoe with the extra bulky toe but they’re there for a reason. The more their toes can wiggle, the more they feel free, the more it feels like walking barefoot. And barefoot walking is actually good for them. We just don’t like it because of how black their feet get after.
  • Safe. It’s so comforting to know that there are no harmful materials or adhesives used in these shoes as they have passed several toxic and formaldehyde tests.
  • Design. The designs are so cute! They have simple ones like stripes and dotted and they also have the more girly styles with all the laces and ribbons. Here are some more of the designs from their website (


Happy Attipas Walker

Just look at him with his new Attipas shoes! 🙂

Attipas Shoes

Attipas Shoes


  • Although white is such a nice colour, opt for a darker one to mask the dirt from all the walking.
  • Remember that they are very similar to socks so don’t use them on a rainy day.
  • Although they are machine washable, it is more recommended to hand wash the shoes for proper care.

Where to Buy

Attipas shoes are available at the following retail establishments and online shops:

  • Metro Gaisano
  • Baby & Kids
  • Babyzone
  • Babysteps
  • Mothercare
  • The Landmark
  • Tarte Tatin
  • Babyland
  • The Right Stuff
  • Wellworth
  • Fishermall
  • The Flatshop
  • Lazada
  • Purple Cradle
  • Cudsly
  • KuKu Duckbill
  • Modern Mama
  • Rustan’s

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  1. i also got one of this as gift from a friend, it’s very comfy and functional in a way that slips are prevented or minimized… plus it’s stylish coz it comes in different designs. i love it and i guess my daughtere loves wearin it too.

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