D-Link DCS960L HD 180° Panoramic Camera Review


“Quick! Go check the CCTV, see if the yaya was doing something to her.”, MIL said.

The husband and I had just gotten home, our dinner date cut short. We’ve barely made it to the main course when our phones started ringing. You’d better come home. The baby, she’s been crying for an hour already!

Wanting to find out what really happened, I sat down with the husband as he downloaded the camera footage.

“Okay, that’s when she started crying”, I said while pointing to the screen. “There’s the yaya preparing the milk, carrying her, still crying, swaying now, still crying. She’s now going to the sofa… Hey! Where’d they go?”

The husband turned to me and matter-of-factly said, “It’s out of the camera’s view.”


And then the baby went hysterical…

Better Replacement

That was a true story.

We never knew what really happened that night just because the camera couldn’t “watch over” the entire room.

Anyway, the yaya has long since been gone (no, we didn’t make her go) and the camera has also since been replaced.

I’ve found better replacements for both (whew!) but I’ll be talking about the camera on this post.

D-Link DCS960L HD 180° Panoramic Camera

This is the D-Link DCS960L HD 180° Panoramic Wi-Fi Camera. From the name alone, you can already tell why I like it.

Yes, it’s because of the 180 degree panoramic eye that it has. Can you believe that it actually covers the entire room?! I can now have peace of mind when leaving my baby at home with the yaya because I know that I can see everything.

D-Link DCS960L HD 180° Panoramic Camera Review

Key Features

At a glance, here are the key features of the camera:

  • 180° Field of View– Widest angle lens on a fixed camera
  • 720p HD Quality Video– Rich detail and crisp image quality
  • Unique De-Warping Technology– Maximizes video quality with less distortion
  • 11AC Wireless– Latest Wi-Fi technology for better bandwidth and improved range
  • Sound and Motion Detection – Push alert notifications when loud noises or movement is detected
  • Local Recording– MicroSD/SDXC card slot for local recording based on event triggers
  • Night Vision– See up to 16 feet in complete darkness with built-in IR LEDs
  • Remote Viewing– View on your iPhone, iPad, Android device or Windows phone with the mydlink Lite app

What’s in the Box?

This is the box that it came with.

D-Link DCS960L HD 180° Panoramic Camera Review

Inside is the camera, a stand, adapter, screws, installation manuals and warranty cards.

D-Link DCS960L HD 180° Panoramic Camera Review

Easy Setup

Setup is truly easy! With our previous camera, it was the husband who set it up but with this, I’m happy to say that I did it all by my non-techie self!

Here’s a secret, all you really need is this Quick Install Card that comes with 2 simple steps and voila, finished!

Quick Install Card

Step one is to install the mydlink Lite App on your Android or iOS device. You will also be asked to create an account with D-Link if you don’t have one yet.

The next step is to then scan the QR code located on the Quick Install Card when prompted. In case you lose that card, the QR code can also be seen at the back of the device. After setting up the camera, you will then be asked to connect to a Wi-Fi network and set a password to protect your camera.

mydlink Lite App

Live View

I couldn’t help but laugh when the feed first came through to my phone. I literally had no place to hide with the camera’s wide angle view!

This is the Live View of the camera in your device. It has buttons to mute, capture an image, toggle the video quality, record the footage, and set the day/night mode (or auto).

Live View of Camera

Access Anytime Anywhere

I love that I can monitor the baby even when I’m away. This is my usual place at the restaurant near school where I always wait. The parents who sit with me on the table know that I periodically look on my phone to check on the the baby girl. They’d even sometimes ask to see what she was doing. They miss having babies in the house. 😛

I always connect using a pocket Wi-Fi, a non-LTE at that and the video quality is good, not pixelated nor choppy.

D-Link DCS960L HD 180° Panoramic Camera Review

This is a photo taken when I hit the capture image button. It saves into your device in its own folder named dlink. The images taken are clear and the colors are vibrant. Videos captured go into the same folder and are equally crisp and clear.

D-Link DCS960L HD 180° Panoramic Camera Review

Push Notifications

Another great thing about this is the push notification that alerts you when there is a detected movement or a loud noise in the room. You certainly cannot keep your eyes glued to the monitor all the time so having this feature is just fantastic! Here’s a sample of an alert.

Because of this, I have also been using it as a baby monitor when I’m at home. When the baby is sleeping, I just leave her on the bed and go to the other room to do my work. If I get an alert, I open the app and check if it’s anything worrisome. If it is, I run to the other room but if it’s not, I just go back to my work. Ahh, life is so much easier with this! 🙂

D-Link DCS960L HD 180° Panoramic Camera Review

By the way, it also notifies you when the device is disconnected.

Night Mode

It also has a night mode so you can still monitor your child even if it’s dark. We co-sleep at night so we don’t use this very much. The night mode is sensitive in that even if the room is just semi dark, it turns on already. In this mode, it shows the screen in black and white.

This is very useful for those who let their kids sleep with yayas. I’ve heard of a mom who has the TV on all night to monitor the activities of her kids and the yaya in the other room during the night. Personally, I don’t like looking at it in this mode because I’m scared I might see something. Haha! Stuff of nightmares!

D-Link DCS960L HD 180° Panoramic Camera Review


Because it is just a plug and play device, I can set it up anywhere and at whatever position. It’s currently set up in the kids’ room but there was one time that I was itching for some midnight snack and the baby was asleep in our room. I quickly unplugged the camera from the other room and transferred it to ours just so I can have a baby monitor while I enjoy some snacks downstairs. So easy and so flexible!

D-Link DCS960L HD 180° Panoramic Camera Review


I have been using this for more than a month now and I am certainly happy with it. This is perfect for working mothers who need to leave their babies or kids alone with the yaya. With so many yaya horror stories nowadays, installing a surveillance camera is truly a must. The 180° view that this camera offers is a very unique and useful feature that truly gives moms like us more peace of mind.

15 thoughts on “D-Link DCS960L HD 180° Panoramic Camera Review

  1. I love this. I don’t think I saw it but how much did you get this for? 🙂 I really need this!! And yes, I believe this is THE tool all working or on-the-go mamas need especially when the kids are left with their yayas. I dont have a yaya now but better to have eyes when I’m not home!

  2. With all the scary #yayaserye that I’ve been reading in social media, it really is important to have a cctv at home, especially like this one. I’m blessed that I have my family around to watch over my son when I needed to leave.

  3. Very good investment para sa baby/family security. I like how real- time ang notifications and very clear ang colored photos, even the video quality is not crappy which is a plus for me. Now we could literally have our eyes at home even when we’re at work. 🙂

  4. This is a mommy must-have! I think it is a worthy investment. I don’t have a baby anymore, but I’ll surely keep this product in mind when the time comes.

  5. Sobrang useful nito for working moms who need to be away from their kids everyday. Your peace of mind and your child’s safety is priceless. I think I’ll be investing in one when WE plan to get pregnant again 🙂

  6. These days when there’s so many yaya horror stories already, it’s a must to have a camera like this. Since I work from home and don’t have household help, we don’t need this anymore but we definitely will get one if ever we decide to hire help again.

  7. I owned a D-link a few years back and it was worth it. Medyo techie lang ng konti sa set up but when ok na ang installation, it’s a pretty reliable tool to watch your baby when you are away.

  8. This is really a great investment, esp sa mga may babies na iniiwan with yaya. I like all features, most especially the wide angle and push notification. It’s really valuable to have, dami pa naman horror stories lately with household helpers hitting kids.

  9. wow! I know of 360 degree camera for taking photos but for surveillance cams, this is the first that I heard of a panoramic view. I think I want this installed as well in our home for some peace of mind.. 😀

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